creating a seasonal intention calendar



While on a long walk last weekend, I realized how easy it is to let seasons come and go without taking the time to really think through what we’d like to have, do, and be during that season.

Personally, I’m really great at setting a vision for the year with a future letter. But after that is written, I allow my weekly priority list to guide my steps throughout the rest of the year without much extra thought.

The weekly priority list does a good job keeping me on task in my career and in other life roles as well. But it lacks the larger scope that I would like to have for a season. When it comes to things I’d like to intentionally purchase, fun day trips I’d like to take, or (most importantly) outlooks I’d like to have more frequently, a bigger picture vision for the season would be ideal.

To help me outline my vision for the summer season (June, July, and August), I whipped up this free printable. I have also included it here for you as well, if you’d like to print it out and do the same exercise for your own summer intention calendar!

click for full-size printable 

After the items are listed, the key is to place the page somewhere visible. Then, include the actions or goals on a weekly priority list or in the calendar itself – depending on the item in question – at the appropriate time of the season.

In this way, I hope that we can bring a little more forethought and intention to each season, according to our personal visions and future letters.



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  1. Allison Whittemore

    This is a great idea! I get so bogged down in my giant to do lists that I lose sight of all the bigger things. Going to give this a try and see if I can redirect focus onto my accomplishments rather that obsessing over all the small items left to do on my day-to-day lists!

  2. Love this!! It is always so much easier to hold yourself accountable when you see your goals in writing posted somewhere visible. Thanks, Jess!

  3. Virginia

    Can we hear more about the weekly priority list? Also curious about your morning private victory…

  4. Raquel Running

    can you make these for the other seasons?

    1. Yes, I plan to make them each season as we go along. : ) They’ll be shared in posts to come with the seasons!

  5. Sandy Myers

    I love this idea. I use a different calendar to plan my time, but an intention calendar is great way springboard your planning. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Exactly! This is more big picture/visioning than actual planning on a real calendar. Something to help us think about what we really want from our seasons rather than ‘what we have to do.’ : )

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