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I came across this quote in The Success Principles and it seems to be a manifesto for living life with intention.

So if anyone is looking for a little pep talk or pick-me-up, here it is!


And in totally unrelated news, I just got back from my client’s home and had to share this picture of the powder room floor.


White marble in a herringbone pattern! Pinch me.

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  1. Alicia

    I love the part about being in charge of “what goes into your mind” – I remind people of this all the time when they complain about the “idiots” (their words, not mine) on all the reality tv shows.

    A) you are choosing to participate (i.e. let that enter your mind) when you tune in.
    B) you are paying their salary when you tune in.

    I’ve also used this reminder to clean out my blog roll (don’t worry – Jess Lively definitely made the cut). Subscribing just for the sake of boredom doesn’t help me live a fulfilling life (with intention).

    1. That’s great to hear! I totally agree about the tv thing, too. Now that we’ve done our Dick Van Dyke Show (, we are MUCH happier people. Though we still loved our old shows like Dexter, we feel things are a bit simpler and better overall… at least for the time being. We may change what we watch in the future, but we are much more conscious of the effect that it can have.

      And that is so sweet re: the blog cleanse. I’m thankful the blog made the list!

  2. Jessica Haile

    Oh…white marble herringbone. Excuse me while I wipe the drool up off of my desk….

  3. This quote is *exactly* what I needed to hear this week. The life of an entrepreneur is filled with so many ups and downs — a quote like this is a great anchor to keep us in check. Thanks for posting it!

    1. Exactly! I’m not sure if you get What I’m Learning Wednesday, but I wrote a newsletter about that very topic a little while ago. ūüôā

  4. KateYB

    Thank you for this quote. I have been in a rut lately, unsure of what I even want from life. I’m not happy with some of my status quo and need to take control of those things not working for me. It all starts with what I’m putting in my mind. Thanks for this revelation!

    1. Exactly! I am so happy this has been helpful for you!

      PS – Also, this is crazy random (so feel free to disregard, if you want)… I am working on a new project to help people feeling the way you feel get clarity and action steps to design lives with intention. It’s something new that I’ve never done before. I am also going to be offering a consulting package geared towards helping people with this as well… so IF you happen to be interested in getting details and a special pre-launch deal, feel free to email me at jess(at) : )

      1. KateYB

        Hmmm you might really be onto something there. I’ll give that some thought and email if it’s for me. Thanks!

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