TLS #244: What I Learned From the Abraham Hicks Cruise – Part 1

Today’s TLS episode is going to be the first of a three part series covering all of the things I learned from the Abraham Hicks cruise I just went on this September!

Over the 10 day French Riviera cruise, we had 5 sessions with Abraham, and while I didn’t make it to the ‘hot seat’ to ask any questions personally, I took a whopping 14 pages of notes which I’m diving into with you here on the show.

In Part 1, we are diving into our inner being, how to co-create with a family, when to look for manifestations, when to leave ‘hard’ situations, and much more.

This episode is perfect for anyone looking to learn more about how to more joyfully create the life they love and learn from a recent Abraham Hicks cruise.






  • Why you don’t necessarily need patience.

  • Your inner being has a point of attraction too.

  • You cannot stop your inner being’s beliefs.

  • The inner being in us knows our deepest desires and path of least resistance to achieve them.

  • Being in love is being in alignment with one another at the same time.

  • To help children get into alignment, you need to show them how to get in alignment themselves.

  • If you leave any situation because it’s hard, you’ll take that everywhere you go.

  • When you are feeling rested, that is the best chance to be in the receiving mode.

  • If you are taking score, you are not in the receiving mode.

  • We are taking more action than we necessarily have to take.

  • Don’t worry about thoughts, become aware of emotions instead.

  • When you first begin to meditate, it may seem to be a huge upheaval, but that means you are becoming more aware.

  • The present moment is a manifestation, and each moment has joy in itself.

  • Receiving mode works only by meditating, receiving an impulse from your inner being, acquiring a path or least resistance thought and by not judging the thought.




TLS #243 – A Lively Adventure

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