TLS #272: CSCHOOL: the secret project I’ve been working on… what it is & why it’s the most impactful thing I’ve ever created

Today is a really fun day!! I’m sharing (in a solo show this time), all about the secret project I’ve been working on behind the scenes since mid-December!

Cschool (short for Consciousness School) is a new approach to education designed to help people learn how to use the other 95% of their minds.

How to deliberately change our brain states, program (and re-program) our subconscious, and deliberately develop the ability to live in peak states is not taught in traditional education. And the time has come for a live and online experience to introduce people to the power within themselves – to know how to deliberately use their mind, thoughts, and emotions in a practical, step-by-step manner quickly and effectively.

There are four phases to Cschool, and the first is the live one time only event called Cschool Live, which is happening in Sydney (in my favorite spot in the city) on June 9th and 10th, 2018. Spots are limited, and I’m sharing more about this event and how you can participate, if your intuition is calling you to!

This episode is perfect for anyone looking to hear more about what Cschool is and how it has unfolded thus far, and how I am also rethinking what it means to grow a pleasure-driven business utilizing all of my LoA practices.







  • Jess talks about the aligning activities and events she attended while traveling and how that inspired her to this project.

  • She discusses what she learned, the ignored parts of traditional education that does not address how to use your mind to control and react to conscious awareness.

  • Jess describes how CSchool flowed through her and became the realty it is today.

  • She tells us how CSchool introduces a practical approach to all her consciousness work to a larger audience.

  • Jess believes that CSchool has the ability to change the world in the coming decades.

  • She reviews the modules, topics and stages that make up CSchool.




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