TLS #219: Overcoming meditation obstacles for skeptics & useful worrying with Dan Harris

Welcome to SEASON 4 of The Lively Show!

It feels wonderful to be back to sharing with you in real time as our journey together continues.

Before I introduce some very leading edge topics in Season 4, I want to begin by sharing a wonderful conversation about the power of meditation with Good Morning America anchor, Dan Harris. Dan is a previous war correspondent for ABC News, a podcaster (10% Happier), and is well known for having a panic attack on live TV.

That serendipitous panic attack, eventually led him to discover the power of mediation… despite his skepticism and distaste for the meditation community’s language, style, and public perception.

This episode is perfect for anyone looking to share the power mediation with skeptical friends or family members, or for anyone looking to overcome obstacles to meditation in their daily lives.





  • Dan describes the story of how his journey began after suffering a panic attack while broadcasting live on national television.

  • He discloses that the probable cause of the attack was his well-hidden and well-managed, drug use.

  • Dan describes how the absence of the adrenaline “high” from being a war journalist brought him into a state of depression.

  • He mentions how meditation was the solution to the cascade of mindlessness that created the panic attack.

  • Dan tells us how his boss and mentor at ABC News assigned him to cover faith and spirituality, even though he considered himself an agnostic.

  • His new assignment gave him direction to understand what happened to him and how he could adopt healthier ways of dealing with stress and depression.

  • Dan talks about Eckhart Tolle and how that experience was frustrating to him and found the advice given to somewhat confusing.

  • He tells us that the awareness of Ego came from Eckhart’s teachings which in turn lead him to the path of meditation.

  • Dan discusses that he found that meditation has helped him tame the voice in his head.

  • He says that self-awareness from meditation can make you much more effective and better at your job and make you more creative as well.

  • Dan is currently working on helping people deal with the obstacles of meditating itself with his book and a smartphone app.

  • He mentions that two of the biggest obstacles with meditation is that people think they need to clear their mind and have enough time to meditate.

  • Dan talks about how he still struggles with his meditation practice all the time and has to always face his own doubt first.




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