TLS #230: High Vibe Living: Law of Attraction, quantum entanglement, & The Master Key System with Dan Russell

Today on TLS, we are having another fun, “high vibe” conversation with a friend who loves all the subjects we’ve been diving into in Season 4… with a heavy emphasis on tying the quantum mechanics to our daily experience of life.

Dan Russell is a business partner to Faiz Nazarali (check out his recent TLS episode here), and in our conversation today we dive deep into many areas including: the separation of church and state (and how that may connect to spirituality and science), how the Law of Attraction may connect to quantum entanglement, and how I’m breaking my associations with ‘deserving’ and ‘worthiness’ from my perception of outcomes in my life.

This episode is perfect for anyone who wants to hear a fun conversation between friends about potential connections between quantum mechanics, Law of Attraction, ‘worthiness,’ ‘deserving,’ and more.






  • Dan tells us about what fulfills his passions of discovering the unknown and working on things that fascinate him.

  •  He tells us how he was choosing between mechanical engineering and business since both had his interests.

  • Dan tells us his fascination of Think and Grow Rich and the Law of Attraction.

  • He discusses the fundamentals of human thinking and how science play a role today in it’s acceptance.

  • Dan talks about frequency and how that plays in emotional states in humans.

  • He discuss how he incorporates Law of Attraction methods in his daily activity and habits.

  • Dan describes the principle of quantum particles and it relates to life
  • He tells us why he’s moving his life to a new phase of a level of higher performance.




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  1. Did Napoleon Hill mention “Master Key” in his videos? I remember MasterMind Alliance. Thanks for the show!

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