TLS #183: Your questions answered: Flow vs. Values, travel safety, & “shoulding”


In today’s Lively Show we are switching things up a bit and doing the December Q+A episode on a Thursday, and I’ve got another, shorter episode planned for next Tuesday.

In this month’s slew of questions we are covering a lot of ground including… my favorite apps to keep my team + business running smoothly, how I stay safe while traveling solo, which personal development teachers to learn from, and much more.

This episode is perfect for anyone wanting to hear a mix of topics including business, spirituality, traveling solo, and dropping the “shoulds.”






  • I would love to hear about your time in Cape Town. What have you loved about it? How much time would you recommend a first time visitor to spend there?
  • What’s your stance or practice on New Year’s resolutions?
  • How has the food and drink culture been while in Cape Town?
  • What your thoughts are about looking back at choices and decisions we have made in the past to help evaluate or take stock on where we are in the present, or can our past be useful to our intuition as a means of moving forward in flow.
  • How are you doing the podcast from all these places? Do you just find the most quiet part of the house you are staying at? Do you bring your microphone with you?
  • What advise can you give for a person to go with the flow on a one-week international trip without being taken over by jet lag? Would you recommend giving in to the urge to sleep in or do you have any strategies you use to get yourself in-tune with your location’s time zone?
  • Do you still have to-do lists, even though you are join with the flow? How do you organize them? Other than Freshbooks, how do you keep your business organized? How do you train and work with someone to answer emails etc while still be true to your voice and brand? Do you use virtual assistants?
  • What programs do you use for your current and upcoming projects?
  • What tips do you have for solo female travelers to be safe and less vulnerable when you are alone in a different country?
  • What’s your perspective on the subject that humans need to feel the full range of emotions to be fully functional human beings? Can we exist as humans and not attach to our suffering? Doesn’t our suffering act as a beacon to help us determine if we are not comfortable with things or we need to work them through?
  • What’s the one experience you miss from being home and what do you do to feel comfort in it’s place?
  • What to do when you have to accomplish something that you are feeling resistance to it?
  • Can you give us some framework with some guiding questions on how to begin writing to your intuition?
  • How to find teachings, especially the esoteric teachers, that resonate with you?
  • How do you quiet your ego when you are first starting out with ego vs intuition?
  • Is there a specific place that you learned about podcasting, especially developing narratives for the episodes?
  • Any tips on how to bring more feminine energy to work and interactions with others?
  • How do you beat your gremlins?
  • Are constant “shouding” reminders needed or is it stopping flow from happening?
  • How have you been feeling hormonally since embracing Alisa’s advice from a past podcast? Do you recall your first experience writing to your intuition?
  • What would be your best tips for meeting up with people and feeling safe and finding things to do while traveling alone in Cape Town?
  • Can you talk more about how living intentionally vs flowing work together?




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  1. Sharné Bättenhaussen

    I lived there for 20 years and it still wasn’t enough time. Cape Town has so so so much to offer.
    Biltong (Bill-tonge) is very similar to Beef Jerky, except spices and marinading of the meat before its dried out is different.
    Koeksisters (Cook-sisters) is actually a Cape Malay dish which Afrikaaners (Af-ree-Kaan-ers) adopted as one of those. It dough that is plaited, deep fried and then dipped in a hot sugary syrup. I LOVE THEM. and miss them so much…

  2. Mullica

    I use a menstrual cup but not a Diva Cup. I use a Sckoon which I also love! It’s super soft. I also really recommend Thinx underwear. Just for the first two days I pair my menstral cup and Thinx on heavier days.

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