TLS #271: LoA Q+A: manifesting money & releasing financial blocks with Denise Duffield-Thomas

One of the popular requests I get from listeners is to share about how someone with very little money used LoA to deliberately attract and create lots of incredible money and experiences.

In today’s episode, we are exploring this exact topic with someone who has done just that. Denise Duffield-Thomas, a money mindset mentor and the author and founder of Lucky Bitch and, has started with nothing. She first deliberately used her understanding of LoA to attract a free 6 month trip around the world that also included 3,000 pounds of spending money.

From there, Denise learned how to not only use her “manifesting super powers” to win incrdible dreams, but to also create abundance in her own career, as well.

In this conversation, we explore her journey, steps she took, and we discuss the common money mindsets that block people from achieving their own abundance-based desires.

This episode is perfect for anyone who wants to build and improve their abundance mindset, and for anyone who wants to hear the steps someone has practically used to create incredibly abundant experiences and financial success.









  • Denise tells us how reading books in her teenage years taught her the power of the mind to create different results in your life.

  • She talks to us about the desire to help people which led her to study and learn more to become a life coach to help people with their money mindset. 

  • Denise describes how she deals with negative clients and fans so it doesn’t effect her equilibrium.

  • She discusses Law of Attraction and how she has applied it in her daily life.

  • Denise talks about the power of love and acceptance and why it’s so important in her life.

  • She describes what manifesting is and why it makes things reality.

  • Denise discusses the biggest lessons she’s learned during her income raises seasons.

  • She talks about the limiting beliefs and why we need to overcome them.




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