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To some, this studio may look familiar. That is because it is the headquarters for Pink Loves Brown, a Chicago based stationary line designed by Nicole, of the popular design blog, Making It Lovely (home of these great photos).

I will cut to the chase and admit that I have a huge design/career crush on Nicole. Her lifestyle in Chicago incorporates a successful business and a house worth blogging about- two things that I hope to one day achieve on a similar level. I have the business part started, but my own jewelry studio is “cute, but no cigar” to this amazing 150 square foot workspace. Can you believe that all of this wonderful resides in a spare bedroom of an Oak Park bungalow?

Moral of the story?
1.) It can be done.
2.) I have some work to do.

Just the right shade of blush for the walls.

Nicole installed these bamboo floors herself!
I. Adore. These. Shelves.
FYI: My packing station has some explaining to do.

Genius! I have this same shoe caddy from Target.

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  1. pve design

    I love that a baby will make it all the more lovely.
    I know she is expecting. I love Nicole’s style.
    She is amazing.

  2. Kotori

    I think I have a crush on that room too.

  3. PS~Erin

    I’m smitten too. I’m so excited abt my closet-turned-workspace that I don’t even know what I’d do with a whole room. I imagine it would look a lot like this ūüôā

  4. Jess Constable

    @ PVE: Yes! She is going to have a baby girl soon, you are totally right. And I agree, she is amazing. I hope to one day meet her since we are in the same city. Fingers crossed…

    @ Kotori and Erin: I know, such a cool way to turn a small space into something so special.

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