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Jen here, and I am excited to share our very first Design Your Business feature!

This feature will follow roughly the same format, but for all you soloprenuers and small business owners out there, hopefully this will help to cultivate inspiration for you to lead your business with intention and purpose on a daily basis.

Today I am thrilled to introduce you to Kendra of Piece of Cake // Peace of Mind. You will notice Kendra provides an endless amount of inspiration and creatively on her blog and is truly a perfect example for how we can all take our business to the next level. Her success is driven by her enthusiasm for design, style and DIY.

Here’s how Kendra designs her small business with intention!




Hello all! My name is Kendra and I am so thrilled to be here today. I write a blog called Piece of Cake / Peace of Mind as well as run the Kendra Sally Creative Studios where I offer graphic design services to bloggers and small business owners. I am also working on getting into the styling/art direction world at the moment!

Today I wanted to explain the concrete ways that I work to operate all aspects of my business with purpose and intention. There are 5 that I try to focus on everyday.




It can be so easy to compare your work and accomplishments to other women in the industry, especially since everyone is doing such amazing things! On more than one occasion I have found myself looking down on my own work because it is not at the place of someone else. This is not only a very ego-driven thought, but it also hinders your ability to create! I try my best to focus on what I can contribute to this awesome community, and also on meeting other bloggers and small business owners so that we can all feel connected in our work.




When it comes to my business—and life in general—I want to continue to learn long after that diploma is in my hands. There are so many amazing online classes, blogs, conferences and books on business and creative work that there’s no reason not to partake in one! I attended Alt Summit in January and I learned so much, and met lots of awesome women—including Jess! Online classes offered on sites such as Nicole’s Classes can be a great way to brush up on old skills, or learn new ones. I have always done my design work in Photoshop, but decided recently that I would love to begin creating patterns and illustrations, so I saved up a bit of money and am currently in the Nicole’s Classes Illustrator 101 course. When you spend your days working on creative projects and business endeavors, it can be refreshing and invigorating to learn something new that can benefit your work!




It can be a challenge to plan your time when you work for yourself. Whether you are at a full-time job during the day and midnight hustling at night, or are in the self-employment world full-time, setting priorities and organizing your days is crucial. To-do lists can grow exponentially as the week progresses, so I have found that knowing what absolutely needs to get done that day, and focusing on that first, is super helpful. This way, when the end of the day rolls around, you will be able to turn off your computer with a sense of satisfaction and know that you can spend time with your loved ones without worrying about vital tasks not being completed.




One of my favorite pastimes is dreaming up new plans for my work and new projects that I want to take on. This is a good thing in that it keeps things fresh and I’m not afraid to follow these passions, but it also means that I can end up with a pretty full plate. It’s hard to let things go that are no longer feeding you, and I end up feeling pretty guilty about it, but Jess’ post on pruning really put things in perspective for me. It’s important to keep the evolution of your work progressing, and feeling guilty about the changes that occur is counterproductive and really just that little ego crying out due to pride. I have been working to prune my own business and keep things streamlined so that my time and energy can be spent on the work that most fills me up, and therefore the work that I can be of the most help to others with.




At the end of each day, if I can say that my intentions and principles guided my business choices, then that means “success” for me. If I didn’t do so well at this, then there’s always tomorrow and improving a little each day will guide you closer and closer to your ultimate goals.


If you would like to be considered for a Design Your Business feature, please email Jen at hello(at)

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing your business intentions with us, Kendra! It is great to hear that you are working to grow your business according to what matters to you most. : )

  2. chantelle

    Loved her post, and totally agree. It’s so important to keep learning and updating your skills long after you’ve finished school. Staying current is such a necessity!

  3. Lynn

    well i do adore Kendra a ton! meeting her in person was so awesome and she’s the real deal when it comes to inherit style, taste and design talents. awesome feature, it’s filled with authentic insights that i plan on taking to heart myself. thanks for sharing your philosophy’s – literally a high “five” all around! cheers.

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