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Jen here! Today I am excited to introduce you to Shauna of The Blogcademy and Nubby Twiglet. Shauna’s an incredibly talented and driven individual. You will notice Shauna’s blog is filled with visual inspiration that seems to go on forever; truly it is hard to stop looking through all the posts. Her new business that she started with her two friends is also filled with beautiful details that make you want to join in and learn all they have to offer.

Here’s how Shauna designs her business with intention!



Hi, everyone! My name is Shauna Haider and I am one of the co-founders of The Blogcademy, a strategy-based workshop that focuses on helping women find their voice through blogging over the course of two days. Founded in August of 2012, we launched a mini world tour this year with dates sprinkled throughout the US, Europe and Australia. In addition to The Blogcademy, I also run Nubby Twiglet, which houses my lifestyle blog and design studio. Branding and blogging are my passions!

Today, I’d like to share the five key ways I continually strive to co-run The Blogcademy with intention.




It doesn’t matter how big or small your company is — there are always ways you can contribute to your community and industry. From the very beginning, we knew that not everybody would have the means to attend our workshops so we added a scholarship spot to every single city. Anyone can enter and we’ve met so many wonderful, deserving women because of it. And because we never want anyone to feel left out due to location or lack of funds, every few months we do a livestream event with an open Q& A format that can be viewed live for a small fee. Our business is still very new but as it grows, we’ll keep seeking out more ways to give back.




The key reason The Blogcademy has been able to grow so quickly in under a year is that Kat, Gala and I each have completely different sets of tasks that we’re held accountable to. We’re able to focus on what we’re best at and there’s no overlap. While I focus on all of the design (the website, workbook, in-class presentation, promo items and social media graphics), Kat manages our email, sponsorships, social media and finances. Gala is a pro at our PR outreach, pens our e-newsletters and does all of our copywriting and editing. Because our strengths are different, we’ve never had a single fight over who’s doing what. We made it very clear from the beginning what each person’s tasks were and even though we’re in three different parts of the world (I’m in Portland, Gala is in New York and Kat’s outside of London), running our business is freakishly smooth most of the time. But beyond that, we share similar values when it comes to family, beliefs and blogging — and that’s even more important.




I was friends with Kat and Gala long before The Blogcademy ever existed. While running a business can have its extreme ups and downs, I know that no matter what happens at the end of the day, I have two great friends who have my back. Before we hosted our first workshop, we had a heart-to-heart talk and signed a contract stating that we each had an equal share in the business. Because we clearly established our roles from the very beginning, we’ve been able to keep expectations in check. Before going into business with anyone, make sure that your relationship is rock solid. In a way, being in business is a lot like being married: you make a pledge to be there through the good, the bad and the ugly!




While building an online presence is key for the success of our business, we knew from the beginning that we wanted our workshops to happen in-person. We feel that the real success of our workshop comes from the bonds that are forged in class. We’ve watched friendships and even business ventures form between our students. Spending two intensive days learning and growing together goes far beyond blogging — and that’s where the real value comes in. We hope you’ll walk away with not only a solid vision for your blog but a posse of like-minded friends.




When things are going well, it’s easy to relax a little too much. When our first-ever workshop sold out in under a week, we were ecstatic. But once we were finished with that class, we were already scribbling pages of notes on how we could make the curriculum and experience even better. We’ve now done seven workshops and each time, we’re still learning and fine-tuning the curriculum. I’ve always said that “good enough isn’t good enough.” We get excited over every ticket we sell but at the same time, we’ve worked diligently to map out a three year plan for our business. Time flies by so having a plan in place that you believe in makes the future much less scary.


If you would like to be considered for a Design Your Business feature, please email Jen at hello(at)


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  1. Shauna, your blog is so beautiful! I can’t get over the gorgeous pictures–and the shoes! 🙂

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