DESIGN YOUR LIFE: allison n.


Today’s DESIGN YOUR LIFE features my good friend, Allison. Some of you may know Allison through Jess LC events – she’s usually at our booth (rain or shine) outselling myself. Her enthusiasm and people skills make her a wonderful friend and business person. I asked her to do this week’s DESIGN YOUR LIFE because she is a purposeful person who always offers great advice. On our long Sunday walks (or Mayan Palace margaritas), she also shares insightful life lessons.

After reading her intentions, I have to say, none of them are surprising to me. Which means she’s done a great job walking her talk. Her first one, “You Get Out What You Put In” is one of my favorite intentions from all the DYL interviews. It’s one of those ideas with universal truth. Enjoy!

DESIGN YOUR LIFE: allison n.

Y.G.O.W.Y.P.I- You Get Out What You Put In

I learned this acronym back in college and for some reason it always stuck with me.   I really believe this is so true for so many aspects of life.  You get out of your body what you put into it, you get out of relationships and friendships what you put into them and you get out of each day what you put into them.  This leads into my next intention…

Do your best

My dad always says this.  It is something that stuck with me ever since I was leaving my house one morning in high school stressed about a big test. My dad said, you were up late studying weren’t you?  I said, yes and he said than just do your best.  I realized no one is perfect so if you try to always do your best…you will be doing your personal perfect.

Get out and travel


I love traveling.  I really get the itch sometimes.  I love it because it allows me to develop a new point of reference .  It allows me to be out of my comfort zone, try to get in a comfort zone and then head back to my known comfort zone (home).  Every step of the way is different and you never know what stories you are doing to have to pack up in your suit case and bring home.  I also love the feeling of falling into my pillows and comfy bed that I call my sanctuary and home at the end of a great adventure.

Know unconditional love

Um, yeah- so who is perfect anyway?  Loving and enjoying people for who they are is something I work to do every day.  Sometimes it is harder than others but at the end of the day I care about those I love and I want to do so unconditionally.  This seems like climbing a never ending summit; but something that is rewarding every step of the way.

Make new friends but keep the old


I learned this motto in girl scouts back in kindergarten (can you tell I am sentimental?!)  “Make new friends but keep the old.  Some are silver the others gold.”  I love friends.  They help us become who we are in so many ways.  They allow us to be who we are.  I love meeting new people because I feel they always teach me something about myself.   I love the story behind friendship; each one has a special history.

Live close to nature


I respect nature because I feel it is bigger, older and much wiser than I or any human will ever be.  To live close to nature I try to eat at least three servings of something that grew from the earth.  I also try to get outside and breath the fresh air with a walk on the lake front or sit in direct sunlight to soak up some of that good stuff that is shining down.

Take a picture, it lasts longer

I have realized that I remember things more if I take a picture.  All of my strongest childhood memories are related to pictures that were taken.  I can vividly remember the picture of me playing in my plastic, turtle pool with the slide in my purple swimsuit with the white hearts in my old house’s front yard.  I had on pink heart shaped sunglasses and a summer smile…those were the days!  I love taking pictures, keeping journals and keeping mementos.  I told you…I am sentimental…I don’t know why but I am!  So- I figure with the digital age…if I take a picture it will last longer and take up a lot less space than if I tried to keep that turtle pool and purple swimsuit as a memory.

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  1. Laina

    “I love the story behind friendship; each one has a special history.”
    I have never really thought about how each friendship has its own unique story, but it is so true. Just reading this sentence brought back tons of memories of acquaintances turning into lifelong friends.

    I found all of Allison’s intentions to be very down-to-earth, real and relatable. I especially agree 100% with her on the travel and the get what you put in intentions. 🙂

  2. Jill

    love this… it seems to have a different perspective from others I have read – a very good one!

  3. pve

    any girl with a turtle pool and heart shape sunglasses is alright by me.

  4. BigSis

    These are all great suggestions for a wonderful fulfilled life. Thanks for reminding us of some things we might have forgotten. I agree whole-heartedly with these ideas!

  5. Alex

    This is probably one of my favorite segments from your blog. I love reading how down-to-earth, realistic people prioritize their values.

  6. cyndi

    Right on sister!! Allison you got it going on. What a wonderful post just wish I would of figured all this out in my 20″s instead of my 50’s.

  7. Allison’s intentions really inspired me! This is one of my favorite DYLs yet. The “You get out what you put in” and “love unconditionally” intentions really hit home for me.

    Thanks for sharing!!!

  8. Rachel

    This is wonderful! I love how Y.G.O.W.Y.P.I in so applicable in every aspect of life.

  9. sara

    This post was exactly what I needed to hear today- especially YGOWYPI. Thanks Allison!

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