DESIGN YOUR LIFE: Brooke of Oh Brooke!

brookeAs mentioned about 110 times now (I just can’t thank her enough), Brooke, of the blog Oh Brooke helped me create this beautiful blog design and in the process has become a friend. One of the first things I liked about her even before we spoke was the fact that she has a passion for budget friendly home design. And she has even worked with design programs on HGTV and DIY Network to boot.How cool is that?

Below are her intentions for this week’s DESIGN YOUR LIFE, and I have to say the first and last intentions are my personal favorites. Low/High calorie snacks and well themed gifts are getting added to my intentions asap.


My friends are my family, and my family are my friends.

I would rather be surrounded by people than be alone. I make sure to see my family on a regular basis, and schedule a date with friends at least once a week. My bestie girlfriends and I instated a ‘craft night’ where we get together during the week and accomplish at least three of the following things:

  • make a craft
  • gab about Grey’s Anatomy, recipes, and shopping
  • commit to solving the world’s problems
  • eat a low-calorie snack
  • eat a high-calorie snack

These are some of my favorite times because it’s our support system, our creative outlet and our release from the week of work. My friends call me the glue because I keep it all happening, and I LOVE that role.

I love change.

Actually, I’ve realized I hate change. When change is something that I have initiated, I’ll jump in whole-heartedly. However, if someone else has mandated the change, my arms go flailing and I go Wile E. Coyote in another direction. This is something that I’d love to do better at, but haven’t quite figured out how.


I believe in risk and moderation.

My husband and I have made some risks in Real Estate, and we’ve learned a lot from it. We bought our first house when I was 20, our second when I was 21, and our third when I was 24. The first was a success, the second, a heartache, and the third is looking good so far. We don’t spend much on the little things: clothing, music, and other possessions, and this makes our bigger risks possible.

I. Can’t. Stop. Designing.

I was raised by a woman who will tell you she has “a passion for piping and button holes.” My mother is an excellent seamstress, a brilliant party-planner, an awe-inspiring pianist, and the most generous person I know. My dad is a computer nerd, a natural musician, and has a creative mind. See- it’s not my fault! I am a trained web and graphic designer, and have a knack for interior design. If I could find a comfortable chair, I would be on the computer all day designing. I love designing. I love creating. If I had my way, I’d do it all – design my clothes, purses, jewelry, artwork, furniture, appliances, cars, houses, etc… Someday when there are 36 hours in day and humans only need 4 hours of sleep, I will be satisfied because I will have enough time to do it all.


I like pretty things.

Despite my vow to be frugal, I like my home to be pretty. I have always been a garage-sale hound (ask my mom and sisters), and now I’m a Craig’s List junkie. Anyone can pick their living room out of a catalog, but creativity is always a byproduct of a budget. The only thing I like more than decorating my home, is decorating others. That’s why I started my blog, I am always drawn to patterns, interiors, and projects, and I love that I can share them through blogging.


I keep moving.

I grew up playing softball for 8 years before switching over to volleyball in high school and college. I have always loved team sports. I am the baby of a large family and my competitive nature is inherent. Now, every Monday for the last three years, you’ll find me at the local middle school playing coed city league volleyball. On Tuesdays you’ll find my on the kickball field rolling in the low-baby-bouncies (team name: ‘That’s What She Said’). Every other day you’ll find me sewing, wake-boarding, designing, creating, burning dinner for my husband, and setting up plans for the next party.

I reward myself.

Tell me I’m not the only one that buys themselves a Christmas present (and birthday, and Easter, and Valentine’s Day)? Okay, maybe that’s not normal, but it’s fun. I don’t wrap it and put a “to:me, from:me” tag on it or anything, but somehow in my twisted little mind I can rationalize a sweater or pair of shoes here and there based on the holidays. So sue me.

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  1. Paige

    So smart for a youngin’. Moderation and balance is the key. I like to reward myself with salsa con queso, and I don’t share.

  2. darren

    What impressed me most was the dashing bearded fellow in the family and friends pix. JK What to go, sis! Awesome work!

  3. Jess

    @ Shelley, Paige, and Darren: Agreed. She is a great lady with some really fresh intentions. So happy to know her!

  4. Lydia

    I feel so lucky to know this girl! Can’t wait for Brooke to design my house. (when I get one)

  5. I’m glad people have these blog thingies so i can find out what’s happening with all my siblings. Brooke, will you set up mine?

  6. nicki

    A truly amazing woman! and the most creatively talented person I know…craft nights forever, baby.

  7. Julie

    Is this girl neat or what!? I love her ideas and style.

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