DESIGN YOUR LIFE: bryn of bryn alexandra


Today is Thursday, which means another killer DESIGN YOUR LIFE interview with an amazing person.This week’s person of interest? None other than Bryn of Bryn Alexandra. Though she graduated with a ‘practical’ education, she has at the age of 25, decided to go after her real dream: interior design.

After reading her intentions, I was struck by her authenticity. Her intentions are as personal as they are universal. I think many of you will find a bit of yourself in her story. As a fellow curly haired 20-something who grew up on HGTV and the desire for a lot of ‘stuff’, I can certainly see my own reflection in her words.

DESIGN YOUR LIFE: bryn of bryn alexandra

This Design Your Life series couldn’t have come at a better time. My husband jokes that I’m having a “quarter life crisis” and truthfully, I am. But I think it’s just a part of life – I’m discovering who I am and what I want to do with my life. Which is why I was so happy when Jessica asked me to do this. So here they are, my life intentions!

Do What You Love.


This is the most important intention in my life. I’ve always loved interior design, ever since I was a child. But in college, I decided it’d be best for me to pick a career path that would most likely get me a job post graduation. What 20 year old is that sensible? Fast forward and I found myself at 25 hating my career  and miserable. I decided on my 25th birthday to just put myself out there for interior design. So I did. I put myself out there on my blog, on Craigslist, and surprisingly I nabbed a few brave soles who have trusted me to work my magic on their homes. And to my surprise, they like what I can do! I won’t lie, it’s a struggle everyday juggling two jobs, and with each glimpse I get into the life of an interior designer the more I realize my day job isn’t for me. But that just pushes me harder to work at what I do love.

Build Relationships.

Confession time – I’m a major introvert. I’m one of those people who gets uncomfortable in social situations. My entire life I’ve only ever needed/had one best friend. Today, my husband is my best friend. He’s my support, the person I laugh with, the person I complain to, and that’s all I need. But as I get older I realize that relationships are an important part of life, no matter how big or small. So that’s my second intention – I want to build relationships and work at them. It’s harder for an introvert, but it’s no excuse to miss out on those specials bonds.

Live Simply.

Okay, another confession – I used to be so obsessed with material things! Ugh, embarrassing. Woman love their designer handbags, sunglasses, etc where I come from (Dallas). I got caught up in it and in college I worked an almost full time job to pay for nice things. I even got into some debt. I’m not proud of it. But then I grew out of it. I learned the value of money, and what’s important in life. I’m glad I went through that stage because I learned my lesson and I’ll never do it again. I learned a $800 purse is no better than a $50 purse. Now I live simply. I purge things when I don’t need them. I rarely shop and if I do it’s at thrift stores. I now value the simple things like a good cup of chai latte or a great home cooked meal in with the husband.

Be Myself & Be Confident.


I do often fall victim to jealousy, and I hate it! Jealousy is such a terrible, pointless emotion. Even though I find myself jealous of someone else’s possessions, or hair or whatever it is, I always try to counter those feelings with appreciation of myself. As I’ve grown older I’ve learned more to love who I am. So what if my curly hair always looks a bit crazy? Can you imagine how boring life would be if everyone was the same? I always have to tell myself – be yourself. Live creatively. Love yourself. Embrace the differences that are you! If you are happy and confident with yourself, jealousy suddenly doesn’t become an issue.

Try New Things.


I’ll end my intentions with the least serious one of the group – it’s always great to try new things! I love trying new foods, new hobbies, new experiences. I used to hate mushrooms but now I love them! Sometimes my husband and I will put on movies in different languages just to check out something new. We moved across country from Oklahoma to Los Angeles, CA. That was an experience! Spice up your life once and a while with new and different things, even if it’s something as little as choosing a different dish at your favorite restaurant.

Another big thank you to Jessica!

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  1. Jill

    This is SO relate-able… and straight to the point, I love these! Bryn’s blog is a daily read of mine so it’s fun to see her here! Love the yellow skirt, Bryn. (And the curly hair! Cute!)

  2. Alissa

    Bryn called her last intention the least serious–but I think it carries much more weight than that. Being open-minded, adventurous and curious can lead to so much more than just liking mushrooms! Love this interview series…I always pick up something uplifting.

    And those curlilocks–the crazier the better! She’s gorgeous!

  3. Flavia

    I love this series (and this blog – I’m a quiet follower!)
    As a somewhat introverted 20-something trying to break into Interior Design, I found this so relatable and inspirational. Thank you Bryn and Jessica!

  4. pve design

    I adore Bryn, she did a great job with the design of my blog layout and has helped with numerous other projects.
    She is such a sweetie and getting to know more about her is fun!
    She looks like the perfect model for your JessLC jewelry!
    Another entrepreneur to watch!

  5. Bryn

    Thank you so much for letting me be a part of this great series, Jess! It was a great exercise personally for me to do this. Thanks again 🙂

  6. Jess

    @ Jill: Those are great words to describe the interview. I also am a big fan of the yellow skirt.

    @ Alissa: Agreed. Trying new things is important throughout our lives. In large and small ways. On that note, I am going to try a new scone at Caribou as I write tomorrow’s post!

    @ Flavia: Welcome! I’m glad the interview was inspiring you to do what you love.

    @ PVE: Great idea. I am going to keep that in mind.

    @ Bryn: Thank YOU my dear for doing the interview. I knew it would touch a lot of people. Keep up the great work.

  7. Rebecca

    Great interview! I have been a follower of Bryn’s and i can’t believe how i have not seen this blog!
    You can just sense how very true and down to earth you are. Here and on your own blog. Good luck with your new endeavor, you are going to be even more fabulous!

  8. LeilaMac

    Thanks so much for sharing, Bryn! You are an inspiration! It’s amazing you are able to juggle two jobs…hopefully that will be me someday. 🙂 Keep up the great work!

  9. Taryn

    I loved this post! I follow Byn’s blog- but never have I seen so much of her person come out until now. Thanks!

  10. What an open and honest interview! I’ve got several years on Bryn, and the same passion for design, and I can’t figure out how to direct it. Good for Bryn to looking her true love in the eye and going for it!

  11. Kwana

    Wonderful interview! I’m a huge fan of Bryn I know she will be a trail blazer with whatever she does. What a talent!

  12. Jess

    @ Theresa, Rebecca, LeilaMac Taryn, Allison G., Kwana: Agreed!

    @ MeggyD: Great question. I was thinking about how perfectly it matches my Astor St. honey cluster necklace. Wish I had that skirt for a Dressing Charlotte post.

  13. Holly

    What a GREAT read! I am so proud to say that I consider Bryn one of my e-friends for the last couple years. She is funny, talented and most importanly, brave. So many people let life pass them by and I am so happy for her that she is living it to it’s fullest potential. Thanks for your honesty and awesome perspectives Bryn.

  14. Jess

    @ Holly: First, let me say I’m now in LOVE with your blog and home! Second, it’s great to hear such warm thoughts from one of Bryn’s e-friends.

  15. Sharalee

    Wow – what a refreshingly honest and candid interview. Bryn you are amazing! I could completely relate to so much of what you’ve said in this interview. Thank you so much for sharing!

  16. Jess

    @ Sharalee: Agreed. She definitely did a great job sharing.

  17. Holly

    Wow! Thank you so much Jess~ I love your blog back 😉
    And thanks for the lovely comment on my blog. Have a great weekend!

  18. Rachel

    I love your hair and I love this interview! It’s so nice to learn more about my favorite bloggers!

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