DESIGN YOUR LIFE: guess it’s my turn


Over the past few months I have been interviewing people about how they design their life with intention. With the move to Word Press(!) this week, it slipped my mind to find the next DESIGN YOUR LIFE interviewee. Which lead to two options: either skip this week’s interview or do one myself. Since I put others on the spot about their intentions, it’s only fair that I do the same. So here it goes.

Share my personal message

I started this blog because during junior year of college I went through a tough period (who doesn’t?) and learned a lot about myself and what was important to me. I will go into the details later next week, but lets just say that making under is what I am meant to do with my life. It’s in my gut. And rather than wait for a book deal to fall into my lap, I needed to actually go out and start writing about it. Blogging seemed an easy way to start- Now. Today. I already took the leap to be self-employed, to make excuses about working on Makeunder My Life was unacceptable to me. I can say three months into MakeunderMyLife, I cannot imagine my life without this blog and I am so thankful to have such amazing people like you, dear reader, encouraging me to continue.

Work for myself


Jess LC

After graduating from college I decided to pursue Jess LC full-time in order to have control over my time and energy. Sure, I took a much lower paycheck than many b-school peers. But after interning at Macy’s in product development for a summer, I realized I might not have made the best employee. I wanted to choose the color choices for upcoming collections, design the hang tags, craft the marketing plan, redesign the office space, and change the logo.

I don’t think interns have a say in logo design of a fortune 500 company.

Eat healthy, natural foods


naan pizza

One intention I have is to eat nutritious foods. My first step was to stop shopping at the local grocery store. After months of examining bread nutrition labels to identify a loaf without high-fructose corn syrup for under $4.50, I figured it was worth the trek to Trader Joe’s every two weeks. Another thing I have been working on is my sugar intake. Understanding my family history with diabetes and my propensity to inhale anything sweet, I have found that it is easiest for me to strike a balance by indulging in amazing desserts once a week. This ‘treat of the week’ has now become something I look forward to and truly enjoy.

Use public transportation

One of the reasons I moved to Chicago was because the transit system would enable me to live without a car. After going four years in college without a car I wasn’t looking to add that expense and hassle back into my life. So for me, a city that was bustling and an aparment location with lots of fun things to do nearby was perfect.

Have really nice things


end of the week exfoliations

As I have mentioned, I love the idea of having only really nice things. But with my budget that is not an easy reality to create. So my plan has been to decrease the amount of ‘not-nice’ things I have. I have worked on this by doing a weekly exfoliation of one thing I don’t need, use, or love. I am now about three months into this habit and it has been surprisingly easy to part with things that I don’t need/use/love anymore. Without this recurring habit I am pretty sure 90% of what I have exfoliated would be still sitting in my apartment or studio, collecting dust.

Stay active (and motivated)

Running has been a huge part of my social life and activities for five years. In order to stay motivated, I run half marathons and last year, the full Nashville Marathon. This year I will be running the San Fransisco Marathon and a few other half marathons beforehand. Running with friends (shout out to Kristin and Bernard!) and choosing new vacation destinations for the marathons has helped me stay excited to train.

Enjoy little pleasures in life


flowers for less

Having fresh flowers in my apartment is one of my favorite new habits, I figured out how to justify the expense and get more bang for my buck here. Another habit I am working to include in my day is laughing more. To do this I am trying to watch more funny movies and clips online.

Keep my relationship fresh


valentine’s day cooking class

Living with Erwin is great. And I think part of what works for us is our weekly date nights. Each week we take turns to choose a date. Without these special times set aside for doing new things, life would be a bit more monotonous. We are creatures of habit and this keeps things fresh. And though I proposed this ritual, Erwin’s date nights kick my date night ideas’ butts.

Accentuate the positives

Before sleeping, I reflect on the day and find ten things that I am thankful for and ten things I did well. I tend to be a perfectionist and will dwell on the thornier points of the day, so this nightly ritual highlights the positives.

Continue my education

I would like to read new, funny, and classic literature more often. This is the intention I am need to work on the most. I go on reading spurts, but often this gets pushed to the side with work, blogging, socializing, and Private Practice. Any ideas?

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  1. blair

    Oh, you are making me jealous that you have upgraded to word press! Such a lovely layout! I loved reading more about you too. I started my blog when I was having a hard time too and has been the best thing that I have ever done! Also, I think I may steal your pre bed time routine–such a great idea.

  2. Amy

    You left out one thing–being a great friend! Whether you “intend” to or not, you always succeed at that. ūüôā

  3. Jess

    @ Blair: I’m glad you like the new site! I definitely recommend moving but with several asterisks which I will talk more about later today. And please, go right ahead and use the 10 Thinks I’m Thankful For idea. I actually made myself a strand of 10 large beads to keep count and make it a bit more special.

    @ Amy: Aw. I am so glad to have *you* as a friend, my dear!

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