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We all have our favorite tv shows.* We all have our favorite blogs. My favorite tv shows are Curb Your Enthusiasm and Private Practice. And near the top of my (long) blog list are The Pioneer Woman and Life in the Fun Lane. Which means featuring Holly of Life in the Fun Lane today on DESIGN YOUR LIFE is just as exciting as having Katherine Walsh do an interview on my MML.

Or at least that’s how I see it.

If you haven’t seen Holly’s amazing furniture and home renovations and you’re the slightest bit interested in interior design, please visit her site right now. Then come back and read her awesome intentions which help her design such a beautiful life. While you are at it, you might also want to take a look at her furniture shop, White Berry Reinvented.

Ok, now it’s time I stop gushing about Holly and get on to her intentions. Ahem.

Though all of her intentions are awesome, I particularly empathize with her intention and struggle to let go of her furniture creations. I think the same feelings apply to a lot of us concerning our possessions as well. Sometimes we hold onto things longer than necessary, only to realize that once we exfoliate, we feel so much better. Take a look at her intention “to share what she loves” to see what I mean.


DESIGN YOUR LIFE: Holly of Life in the Fun Lane

If you love something, share it.


Once upon a time I used to think that bigger was better and less was not more. In some instances it may still hold true, but for the most part I have started to see the beauty in loving something and letting it go. I guess it kind of comes with the territory of my new occupation. Every time I work on a piece of furniture a little bit of my heart and soul goes into its transformation and I always feel a small twinge of uncertainty before it leaves to a new home. “Should I have kept that one? Will I ever love another one as much?” the hoarder in me temporarily takes over for a split second until I regain control. The funny thing is that as soon as it is gone I always feel successful, inspired and motivated to keep working but I have yet to master the moments just before that.  Slowly I am getting better and better at it, and when I actually step back and think about it I really want to apply it to other areas of my life besides my business. If it really brings me so much happiness then imagine how good it will feel to pass that feeling on.

Write your own road map for success, but read the traffic signs on your journey.

Remember all those exercises in school where they tell you to write out your goals, make a life plan, etc.? I did them all, and thought I was nowhere close to what I had imagined. Until I took a second look and realized so what if I’m not a lawyer or high-paid corporate CEO? When I wrote my goals (at like age 15) they were what I thought would make me happy at the time (money, high-powered glamorous jobs). I am REALLY happy with my job now, in fact I love it! So I guess my plan may not have been job-specific but I actually met my goals in a more important way. Sometimes it is necessary to be really specific, but I have to remember there is a bigger picture. I think that it is much more important to write out your priorities long before you focus on goals. Because sometimes the two don’t go hand in hand, and I can’t believe I might have missed my sign to slow down and take a chance.

Embrace imperfection.

I think this one is natures attempt at irony. I have absolutely no troubles seeing the beauty in really ugly furniture, bent and faded books, and chipped old plates but I have a hard time letting a dirty plate on the counter go. I am not insistant that the house always be in magazine-ready form but a wet towel on the bathroom floor just bugs me a little too much. I need to let go a little when it comes to my expectations around the house and spend more time enjoying my time at home.

Never stop finding out who you are.


If you would have asked me who I was 8 or 10 years ago my teenage self would have told you I knew who I was, where I was headed and a whole lot more (because I knew everything then, duh!). My sister was the creative free spirit, I was the rational smart one. Never in a million years did I imagine that only 10 years later my life would pretty much revolve around creativity. I guess that was something I didn’t see then. And as I get older I see many other things that I had no idea were there like my desire to be a little less rational, and becoming more capable of taking chances. I am sure that in another 10 years I will look back and be amazed yet again the mysteries I have unveiled inside of me.

Learn how to not kill your plants.


This one is pretty straight forward. Today I actually bought a cactus so we will see how that goes. I haven’t tried killing one of those yet.



While I LOVE things, I don’t want to be bound to them. I guess it relates back to #1 again, because I think that letting go is really the secret to simplicity. By most people’s standards I think I am actually fairly simple in most areas of my life. I don’t text, have no need for a facebook page, am not chained to desk 8 hours a day, spend relatively little time online with the exception of my blog and business, rarely watch movies, etc. For the most part I enjoy a good book, playing with Wren and decorating. But I want to improve on being more efficient at things like housework and finishing our renovations so that I can spend even more time enjoying those simple pleasures. To accomplish that I think it will have to be a combination of spending a little more money to get the renos done already (with a little help) instead of burdening ourselves with doing everything all the time (even though that sure is rewarding!) as well as organizing and planning the spaces we are working on to be more efficient when they are done. Oh how I long for the days when I didn’t trip over tool belts while cleaning the bathrooms and cans of paint when doing laundry.  But at the same time I have to let go and just live in the moment!

* Except those people who don’t watch tv. And to those intellectual few, I give you a high-five and commend you. For you are far cooler than me and my Tivo lineup.

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  1. Thanks for introducing me to Holly and her blog! I just glanced around quickly, but this one is going in my reader today. I really relate to Holly’s intentions.

  2. Great site! Came over from Life in the Fun Lane. It was really great reading this because I am alot like her. I always pictured myself as the CEO making alot of money, but I’ve come to find out that I really like simplicity. I’ve recently started a company ndmMEDIA that helps small business get into the blog + social networking world. This will take up all my time and I probably won’t make that much from it but I love it. I love helping people and that in turn allows me to be happy!

  3. Annie

    I love Holly’s blog and read it daily. She actually inspired me and my sisters to go into business together upcycling furniture of our own. We can’t do it full-time, yet anyway, but it’s a passion and makes me much happier than an 8 hour a day office job. Thanks for sharing more of her goals with us – really enjoyed it!

  4. Lori

    Hi, I just stopped over from Holly’s blog. This is a very interesting post, especially her thoughts about loving things but not wanting to be bound to them. I guess as a shop owner – I am always surrounded by so much stuff, I can relate to these words. I also am a firm believer that letting go is really the secret to simplicity. Very thought provoking words. I am grateful to have found you as well! All the best, Lori

  5. Erin

    I too came over from Holly’s blog. I love the fact that you have a post like this! What a great idea. It definitely made me think. My philosophy is “Let Go and Let God”…

  6. beki

    Thanks so much for sharing! This post really makes me think…

  7. Erin

    That was truly inspiring. I have been consciously trying to do less, appreciate more, and live more simply. I am suddenly horrified by all the time I spend texting-thanks for the simple inspiration Holly!

  8. Sarah

    I love her blog too! What talent…
    Very nice blog you have here too!!

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