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Finally, I have a new DESIGN YOUR LIFE to share! Thank you for your patience with this segment as I was travelling the past few weeks. Today I’m excited to share the intentions of my friend Jessica, of Polished Sense. We first met online via our blogs and Twitter. But we soon decided to meet up in real life since we both live and work in Chicago. The rest is history.

After graduating art school, Jessica decided that she was meant to stay in the fashion industry. She has created her own online shoe store and accompanying fashion blog called Polished Sense. Not only is her shoe selection well edited, but she takes it to the next level by blogging and showing how to actually incorporate the edgier styles into your existing wardrobe (something I find extremely practical). My personal suggestion is to browse her Raid My Closet series. Enjoy!

DESIGN YOUR LIFE: Jessica of Polished Sense

Every child is an artist, the trick is, finding out how to remain one.

When I was little you could catch me coloring, having marker hands, painting or down the art aisle at the toy store.  I had paper rolls, cans filled with crayons, easels and matured into a drawing desk at my home.  I was always making something.  I asked my father when I was little, “Dad, how much to artists make?”  His response was not what I wanted to hear. I wanted to hear they make a lot of money.  From that point on, I thought art was just going to be a hobby for me, not a career.  I stopped doing what I loved for a long time to try to pursue other careers that could earn a living.  Along the way I found nothing that came close to art and how it made me feel. When I graduated high school at 18, my art teachers told me to go to art school.  I kept telling myself no, because I had to do something else with my life if I wanted to make an honest living someday.

So off I went onto my big ten college lifestyle. After graduating college, I made a very big decision. This decision was to go on to art school and find my passion again, which I did and am ever so grateful for that experience. After graduating design school I realized it was time for me to do what I love and to make a career out of it. Here I am today running my own company, Polished Sense.

Live Artfully


Everything I see in front of me turns into art.  I love to design and I love to be different.  One of my favorite quotes is, “To be human is to be creative. You don’t have to go outside yourself to find creativity – you already have it.  It lives in your heart and mind every moment of every day” by Joseph Chilton Pearce. I don’t even think about it anymore, I just do it.  No fear, no questions, it just has to happen.  When I design, I see the color wheel, one of my favorite things as a child. It’s my true inspiration, which is why I call myself the Fashion Artist.

Dress Up & Go All-Out


One of my favorite things to do is dress up.  I love putting outfits together and accessorizing them. I love to perfect the look and make it “pop”.  My theory for styling is to always make a statement.  I love to create looks that stand out.  I feel that when you go out, why not go all-out? My inspiration is texture, color and fine detail.  Where do you find your inspiration to dress up?

Express Your Love


My loved ones know that I love them.  Even if the love is obvious, the ones that are most important still need to hear it.  I love to share what’s mine with great company.  One of my favorite things to do is to create for others.  There are many ways I express this such as; cooking for a crowd, putting together a flower arrangement to say thanks or designing a hair piece for my best friend’s wedding, it’s endless. I even make soup mixes in a jar and all they have to do is add the water, it’s great for all my friends who do not cook.  I am always finding ways to do what I love and to share it with people that surround me. I look forward to going places, doing exciting things and experiencing these adventures with the ones I love.

Do What You Are

We all have that special “X factor”. It took me awhile to figure it out, but now I can accept who I am and where I came from. It is what gave me my strength to go on to live my lifestyle. “To live a creative life, we must lose our fear of being wrong” – Joseph Chilton Pearce. (Another favorite of mine.) Now I have my own life and my own goals.  My very first goal on my list, is to never give up.  Once you figure out what it is that you love, you should do it.  Most of the time it’s right under your nose. I know that I’m creative and that’s what I plan to do from here on out, and I’ll figure it out along the way.  I hope all of you to do the same for yourself. 🙂

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    Aww Jess this turned out so sweet. Thanks so much again for giving me a DYL spot 😀



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    @ All: I agree, Jess’s DYL is pretty awesome and very focused on living her passion. So cool.

    @ Jessica: Thanks for doing the DYL this week!! You rock.

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