DESIGN YOUR LIFE: jessica of the state street edit

Hey guys! It’s Caitlin again, and today I’m bringing you a Design Your Life Interview from a new blogger on the block: Miss Jessica of The State Street Edit. Looking back, I’m not entirely sure how I stumbled across Jessica’s blog but I’m sure glad that I did! Between her adorable outfit posts, strong graphics, pretty photos, and genuine personality, she’s got all the makings of the perfect lifestyle blog. I loved reading about her intentions (there are a couple here that I’d like to add to my own list!) and I hope you enjoy them as well! Have a wonderful day, and I’ll see you next week!

DESIGN YOUR LIFE: Jessica of The State Street Edit

I’m a stereotypical plan-aholic – I like to know exactly what I’ll be doing tomorrow,next week, next year, and in five years! Being spontaneous helps me experience things that aren’t “in the plan.” Those adventures usually end up being the most fun! One day, instead of heading home after grabbing lunch with a friend, I decided to walk around downtown D.C. and see where the streets took me. I ended up exploring the National Portrait Gallery and scored a deal on some adorable shoes that I never would have found had I not been a little spontaneous!

Saying thank you is such a simple and powerful thing. I try to show my gratitude for every small kindness people show me throughout the day – for the baristas at Starbucks, that can be a few times in one morning! By giving thanks I’m able to brighten up someone else’s day and notice all of the little things people do for me, like strangers who hold the elevator door or how my roomie took out the trash again because she knows I hate to. There’s really no faster way to feel appreciative!

I always have to remind myself of this one! In the past, whenever one of my friends had a bad attitude about something or a stranger was being rude, I took it personally and ruined my own experience in the process. Truthfully, as much as someone chatting loudly on their cell in public might bother me, that person’s actions won’t have any effect on my happiness if I don’t want them to. It’s definitely a challenge, but I’ve reduced my stress level tenfold by letting go of what I can’t control about other people’s feelings and actions. Life looks a whole lot sweeter this way!

Lately I’ve been trying to do one thing every week that makes me uncomfortable. Since I’m naturally shy, chatting up a cute guy that lives in my building is usually enough to fill my “totally freaking out” quota for a month! But doing little things that scare you is the best way to grow. When I first joined the staff of my school’s fashion magazine, I was terrified of how I’d measure up to the rest of the super creative and talented people I’d be working with. The first meeting was uncomfortable for sure, but it got easier each week. Next semester I’ll be the editor – that’s a position I never would have stepped up to had I not been gutsy enough to move past my discomfort at that first meeting.

If left to my own devices, I will always wait to do something until the perfect moment arises (and guess what? It never does.) This was especially true when it came to launching my blog – I waited 2+ years to start The State Street Edit because I thought everything needed to be just right if it was going to be successful. But if you wait for the circumstances of your life to be perfect before you do anything, you’ll spend your whole life waiting and coming up with excuses. From now on I’m trying to just jump in – the hiccups along the way only stand to make me better!

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  1. Jessica

    Thank you again for thinking of me! This was a really meaningful post to put together. I’m looking forward to reading more of this column and your blog, Caitlin! 🙂

  2. I love this! Everything about this post resonates positivity and courage, and sometimes it’s hard to live your days that way. This is a perfect reminder to appreciate the smallest things that add up to a good life.

  3. Cathy

    I love the positive attitude, such good advice and I love the photos!

  4. I enjoyed every single one of her intentions. Different and brave.
    Fun bit of info to know she lives in DC too…maybe I will see her on teh metro and say hi. 🙂

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