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Happy Thursday, everyone! This week has been full of buzz on MakeunderMyLife; from the video post announcing the free garage sale to the rather ‘intense’ (it’s a relative term) debate about the Pride and Prejudice films. Today, we have another killer DESIGN YOUR LIFE interview with blogger and fashion maven Jessica of What I Wore.

Earlier this month, Jessica donned the Astor St. Cluster Bib Necklace and made the homepage of Jess LC (I wrote about it on the blog here). I have so much respect for Jessica and what she has been able to accomplish with her blog, and her style sense has actually inspired me to be more creative in my own closet! So of course I wanted to peek inside her mind and see what intentions created her blogging (full-time) career and unique style.

After reading her goals, it’s clear that she really does get her joy from within and stays true to herself. I’d imagine those two traits alone help her follow her passions to such a high level. And not to taking things personally is something I am definitely adding to my intentions as well.

Practice gratitude.


The more grateful you are for what you already have, the more blessings you see all over the place.  I constantly remind myself what I am grateful for, from the most basic “I have feet to stand on” to “I am a talented and wonderful person”. Its important to remember all of the really great things we have in our lives– and when you focus on those things, you receive even more blessings.

Be true to you!!


When I was in middle school, my best friend said to me “why be a second rate version of someone else when you can be a first rate version of yourself.” I’m not sure where the quote came from, but it has stuck with me since. I’m on the quirky side and often find myself sticking out from the crowd. But that’s great and something I have come to embrace. I am me!

Say it Straight.

Ask for what you want and tell people the truth. I’ve been working on balancing being honest with being blunt.  In personal and professional relationships I’ve gained so much more by being straight forward about my feelings or wishes. Its wasteful to be misleading! Just say it straight!

Walk A Mile in another person’s shoes.

Practicing empathy is a rewarding experience.  To try to understand another person’s point of view will in turn give you a bigger view of your world and the world as a whole.

and furthermore…

Don’t take things personally.

We have no idea what is going on in anyone else’s head, even if he or she describes it to us. I used to think people were out to get me. Out to cut me off on the road or steal my subway seat or parking spot. But most of the time, people are only thinking about themselves. It doesn’t have anything to do with me!! No one is out to get me. When I adapted this way of thinking my happiness soared through the roof.

Get your Joy from within.


Like Whitney Houston sang, “the greatest love of all is inside of me”. True!! Don’t expect other people to make you happy. Go be happy on your own and that light will really shine.

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  1. Jess

    @ Maegan: Thanks, I’m so glad you like Jessica’s interview. By the way, I checked out your blog and it’s great!

  2. Mandy Ford

    Hello! I found your blog through Jessica’s…I love her sense of style and she just seems so fun. 🙂 I really needed to read her interview today. Good advice for a situation I’m going through. Love your blog and I’ve added you to my Google reader.

  3. Jill

    Love Jessica’s blog… she is just the cutest thing ever. Great interview!

  4. Bek

    Lovely write-up about Jessica. I found your blog through her’s. I really love your philosophy about designing a life with intention. This is just what I needed to read today! I’ll be visiting regularly!

  5. Magchunk

    I’ve been a fan of What I Wore for some time, so it was fun to see her pop up here. Thanks for the fun interview.

    I discovered Makeunder My Life a few weeks ago and have been trying to catch up with the archives. Really love your blog 🙂


  6. Jess

    @ Mandy Ford, Bek, Maggie: Aw, that is so sweet of you all! Be sure to send me any ideas you have.

    @ Jill: I totally agree, Jessica is great.

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