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Happy Thursday and a big “hello” to Katie’s readers just discovering MakeunderMyLife for the first time!

This week’s DESIGN YOUR LIFE (DYL) is about Katie of Color Me Katie, writer of one of the happiest blogs I have ever followed. Katie is a wonderful photographer and street artist (I suppose that is a good word for her random acts of kindness). This interview actually came about from a (first ever) reader request. Claire, a friend and MakeunderMyLife reader, told me about Katie’s blog and asked me to connect with her about DYL so she could learn more about Katie’s intentions.

Katie was extremely kind and agreed to sharing her intentions and some of her awesome photos. As I suspected, I was inspired myself to shake things up in my own routine after reading her thoughts. This morning I will not be eating cheesy oatmeal. It sounds like a small step, but I happen to have a serious addiction.

Read on!

Be creative


It’s important for me to express myself creatively every day. I have all of these fun ideas in my head and if I don’t get them out I’m pretty sure my mind would explode. Realistically, I’d probably just get frustrated and fall asleep. But explosion or no explosion, doing something creative acts as a therapy for me. I feel better after taking photographs, making street art, painting, or making wall sized collages. The messier and more sweatier I get, the better I feel.

Don’t grow up

Well, not completely anyways. I think it’s important to keep that little kid inside of you. I see a lot of people turn into grumpy old men that just complain about everything. I know that we’re all adults and we have important adult-like things to do but that doesn’t mean we have to let go of that playful side of ourselves. I’m still all about blowing bubbles, running around in the rain, and playing with my food and I always will be!

Break your routine

I hate the idea of getting up, eating breakfast, and going to work the same way every day. It eventually gets boring and I will not stand for boring! I want to wake up to a day that is always new, so I make sure I change it up a bit. First of all, who made this rule that for breakfast we should eat cereal. If I wake up and want spaghetti, I’ll make spaghetti. Whenever I leave the house I go a different way each time. I walk down a new street, ride the bus, take a different train, or hop on a forklift if I can find one! Even if it’ll take me longer to get there, I don’t care. I just always want to see something new.

Be Optimistic

It’s raining again? Wonderful! It’ll make the flowers grow. I got paint on my favorite coat? Great! I can turn it inside out, sew on new buttons, and make it better than before. There’s always a way to find something positive in a situation you would normally think was negative.

Give yourself a gift everyday

There are some days that can feel so long but it makes it a lot easier to get through if you give yourself a gift. I always like to give myself something little like a cupcake, a flower, balloons, or an iced coffee at my favorite cafe. It’s not expensive and it’s a lovely little pick me up during the day.

Be yourself

I’m not perfect, I know that. I have this thing where I trip at least once a day and somehow my dress will always find a way to fall down at the most inappropriate moments. I say the wrong things at wrong times and only have laughing attacks when I’m alone on the train, which makes me look like a crazy person. I used to be really embarrassed of myself when I was younger but now I find all these little things to be funny and they make me who I am. The next time my dress accidently falls down at a funeral it’ll fall with pride!

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  1. Alissa

    We need more Katie’s in the world! Thanks for sharing her infectious optimism with us!

    Oh, and cheesey oatmeal??? Did you really have to plant that seed? *runs off to check if I have all the makings*

  2. Megan

    Oh man, she is SO inspiring! I want to only make blue or green spaghetti from now on.

  3. I just stumbled upon your site today, and I must say I’m a fan. What an INCREDIBLY philosophy!

  4. Jess

    @ Alissa: So excited to share (and spread) the cheesy oatmeal obesssion.

    @ Megan: I agree, she is inspiring.

    @ Sarahbeth: Glad you had a good visit!

  5. Claire

    She is AMAZING and so are you! Thanks for the pick me up on a day I really needed it! I tip my hat to you both!

  6. C

    thank you so much for making this sort of interview. i love what she does and i wish i could have the imagination she has.she’s wonderful and now i know your blog thanx to her so *wink wink*

  7. pve

    I love her and I want some balloons and cheesy oatmeal,,,,now!
    Look forward to meeting you…in Chicago…friday!

  8. Jess

    @ Claire: I’m so glad you liked the interview and I owe you a huge hug for introducing me to Katie’s blog!

    @ C: Such a nice note! Thank you, I am glad you enjoy the interview and the blog.

    @ PVE: I can’t wait to see you! I will get in touch with you later today after my long run.

    @ Tiffany: I totally agree, her work is really special.

  9. Clarity

    What a lovely person, no pretense/artifice. I adore people who lock into positive reality – Thank you for this great post!

  10. Jess

    @ Clarity: I agree, Katie’s authenticity really shines through. It’s so refreshing. In fact, this morning I took a different route in honor of Katie’s interview.

  11. I love her work and her blog. I have shared a couple of projects of hers on my blog and I just can’t get enough of her. When you hear her name and see her work, you just can’t help but smile. She’s a great happy maker.

  12. Hello to you and hello to Katie! I know I am late on this one, but I just found you today! La la Love this post! Katie is a girl after my own heart! (Here I am thinking that I was the only one who’s clothes fell off inexplicably at inappropriate times!) 😉
    happy day!

  13. Katie

    loved reading this dyl! katie is beautiful, talented, and so very fun – i really enjoy getting to know people with such positive attitudes through this bloggie world… thanks so much! 😉

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