DESIGN YOUR LIFE: Kristin Hassan of Organik Revolution

kristinhassanI’m not sure if you have heard or not, but Bravo has a new program, The Fashion Show, debuting on May 7th. Among the awesome designer contestants is my good friend and design buddy Kristin Hassan. She got her first claim to fame by snatching a coveted spot in Macy’s Fashion Incubator this past year. Her eco-friendly fashion line, Organik Revolution, is quickly gaining a following.

Beyond her high flying career, she is someone I deeply respect for her determination, energy, honesty, and shoot from the hip attitude. I have been anxious to read her intentions, as I knew they would be bold and unorthodox. So read on and enjoy la vida Kristin.

I Wear a Lot of Hats

Not literally, I don’t think I look particularly good in them.  But figuratively, I’ve got all kinds.  My name is Kristin Hassan.  I’m a wife, a daughter, a sister, a granddaughter, a best friend, etc. etc.  I’m also an entrepreneur and business owner, a shopping addict, a “Band-aid”, a blogger, an earth-positive activist, an amateur photographer, and a Chardonnay guzzler.


You all know TomKat and Bennifer… now meet Ramstin (Ramzi & Kristin).  It’s been Ramzi & Kristin for almost nine years now, so it was only appropriate that the siblings dubbed us Ramstin.  I absolutely love being married and I adore my husband.  The best part is that I have a teammate no matter what – whether I’m facing life or death surgery, or just need a buddy to go to boxing class with. The coolest thing about Ramzi is that he’s got what I’ve named “The Fonzi Power”.  If i can’t open a jar, or get my printer to work, I tell Ramzi and in a snap, it’s all better!  It’s getting really odd at how good he is getting!  But really, his best qualities are that he’s very down to earth and level headed.  Which compliments my “head in the clouds” attitude nicely.  Ramzi, a graduate from DePaul University, is super smart when it comes to business, another plus for me!  He’s always making me laugh, even if I tell him he’s annoying.  He’s probably the best person you’d want on your side if you were trying to take over the world.  Yeah, he’s the best!

We Are Family

Family is super important to me.  I talk to my parents and siblings on a daily basis.  We have a lot of traditions, most of them surrounding food… but hey, we’re Italian!  One of my favs is “Vragoon”… it’s an Italian Easter pie that my Dad and I are getting ready to make on Saturday! Mmmmm… Can’t wait!

kristinbeinggreenorganikBeing green never looked so good.

I graduated from the Illinois Institute of Art – Chicago in 2006 and immediately started my own clothing company.  organiK Revolution (link to is a line of super soft, un-fussy soy jersey dresses and tops.  I design and manufacture clothing for the modern girl who wants to look great without compromising things like her wallet or her environment. These girls are all for combating the climate crisis in the most fashionable way possible. On top of that, nothing retails over $150, so heads up Recessionistas!  organiK Revolution is produced locally in Chicago, IL.  Not only does this allow me to be completely hands on in the factory, but we significantly reduce our carbon footprint by not shipping back and forth to Timbuktu.  But we’re not stopping there. Of course we use eco-friendly materials like soy jersey and organic cotton, but we’re constantly pushing the barrier to a company wide green initiative.  Recycled paper and soy inks are the only things I print with, and we’ve even swapped out the lighting in our factory and studio for energy efficient CLC’s. AND, our fan favorite “Join The Revolution” t-shirts are manufactured in a factory run on solar and wind power!  Shop online now at

kristinkeystorelaxationKeys to Relaxation

I took piano lessons for 7 or so years as a kid.  Then I became a cheerleader and ditched on the keys.  But now that my life is in perspective and long gone are the pom pons, I’m back to my roots.  I’ve started up piano lessons again, and while I’m back to pounding scales over and over again, I’ve found a refreshing relaxation comes with it.  The days are soon approaching that I’ll be back to belting out tunes like “Bohemian Rhapsody” and “Bennie and the Jetts”.


“Groupie” is such a 70s word.  I’m a Band-Aide.  Ramzi has been in a band since the day I met him.  And it wasn’t before long that my two brothers and my brother-in-law were in bands, too.  And as you can imagine, a lot of my guy friends are in bands, too.  So guess what we do on the weekends?  Shows!  There’s nothing like the live energy of being at a concert.  I’ve always been very supportive of these ventures – I’ve helped with everything from flyers and photo shoots, to screen printing t-shirts and making music videos.  But my services don’t go unpaid… the girls and I are always backstage, VIP, and we never pay for drinks.  Most importantly, we’re surrounded by friends and family singing along at the top of their lungs.  Not a bad way to kill a Saturday night.

I love words.

Song lyrics, quotes, lines from a movie.  I’m infatuated with anything catchy.  Some of my favs of the moment:
“Who knew life would turn out this way?” -Stubhy Pandav of The Insecurities

New Challenges

It’s important to keep creative minds going.  And I more than compensate for this by finding new hobbies and obsessing.  My most recent venture:  Final Cut Express, a movie making program for my Mac.  And the boys are all the more pleased with my new hobby as they are the stars of my videos.  Check out my first ever music videos on YouTube!

kristinhappyplaceHappy Place

Although I live in the suburbs, I’m in the city all the time.  And after a long, harsh Chicago winter, the trains, planes, and automobile feeling of the city has begun to wear on me.  That’s why I think it’s uber important for everyone to have a happy place.  Somewhere you can escape to and come back refreshed.  My happy place is on Eagle Lake in Bloomingdale, Michigan.  It’s a place the summer home of my childhood, and it’s peace and quiet (we’re at least twenty minutes from any shopping mall, movie theater, or hospital…)  There’s the lake and the family.  Which means home cooked meals every night, bon fires, and sunburn.  There’s no air conditioning or cable t.v.  So with all the modern amenities gone, as kids we got really into water sports.  Just writing about this, makes my body ache to be back in the sun on my wakeboard.  Summer can’t come soon enough.


My wonderful friend Jess turned me on to the wonderful world of Blogging.  What I thought would be a great cross-marketing tool, is slowly turning into an obsession!  And it’s a total fun way to keep everyone in the loop on our hectic lifestyle.  So, “The Not-So Desperate Housewife” was born. Check it out at

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  1. Jill

    fun interview! I’ll have to check out her site stat! Happy Friday…

  2. blair

    Oh, wow! She seems like a fantastic girl and from the looks of it has an amazing line of clothes! Have a great Easter weekend Jess!

  3. Jess

    @ Jill: I hope you like her site! I love her pieces. Very high quality and the feel is fantastic.

    @ Blair: Happy Easter weekend to you too, Blair!

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