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Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you and your families have a great holiday and enjoy a homemade meal. I’d also like to let you know how thankful I am for you reading this blog and making my life more purposeful.

I personally am staying in Chicago and having Thanksgiving with my cousin, Danny. We’ll be making our Grandpa’s homemade gnocchi recipe and I prepared my mom’s chocolate chip cheese cake as our dessert. Though it’s hardly a traditional dinner, we will have a lot of fun making the dumplings and enjoying a few brewskies. Since we both will be visiting our families in a month for Christmas, we decided to stay in the city this weekend.

Today’s DYL is not your average DYL. Not at all. Which is what makes it pretty great. “LiLu” (her internet persona) is the blogger behind Live It, Love It, a hilarious blog about her life. Enjoy her intentions with a grain of salt and a lot of laughter. After all, there’s plenty to be thankful for when we take life less seriously. Enjoy!

DESIGN YOUR LIFE: LiLu of “Live It, Love It”

Keep Expectations Low in All Facets of Your Life

Think about it. If you start remembering birthdays, calling Grandma every Sunday, showing up to work on time, and showering each morning, people will then expect you to do these things ALL THE TIME. Manipulate your environment so that every time you do something thoughtful, or responsible, it is regarded as a pleasant surprise rather than a given.

Surround Yourself With People Who Get Your Own Weird-Ass Sense of Humor

Everyone knows laughter = good times, right? Right. You should seek out friends who are not quite as funny or smart as you, but will still laugh at your jokes. It is a delicate balance, much like the correct number of tequila shots one can consume in a night without ralphing.

Being One of the Cool Kids Probably Means Acting a Little Slutty

No one wants to hang out with Miss Prissy Prissface McGee. Let your hair down a little, toss the occasional blowjay joke out there! This will especially endear you to fellow female colleagues in the office, especially at, say, a work Happy Hour. Make sure to constantly mention your “Whorey College Days” to ensure quicker bonding with gal pals!

Prefer to Laugh With the Sinners Than Cry With the Saints

Billy had it right. Life is short, man. And in one religion or another, we’re all going to Hell, so you might as well pull your pants down and moon someone on the ride there. Additionally, offensive jokes are the spice of life, so long as you make sure to offend EVERY demographic equally.

Disregard All Senses of Dignity, Pride, and Self-Respect in the Name of Having Fun

Nobody ever got a great story out of drinking “just enough”. Clothes don’t just fall off by themselves! Timmy isn’t going to end up with a lampshade on his head in case you’re PROACTIVE about it. I recommend pre-gaming early, and with moonshine. Good rule of thumb: Post your pictures on Facebook EARLY the next morning, before anyone has time to untag them. Friendship is knowing what’s best for the world, and that means sharing everything in the name of hilarity.

Tell Little White Lies to Strangers Often, For Your Own Amusement

This little “ism” is not only great for entertainment value, but has the added bonus of keeping your mind sharp! Thinking on your feet to come up with new and ridiculous details about your fake long lost twin, terminal disease, or secret torrid relationship with Jude Law (and his nanny, who knows! Get crazy with it!) will keep your brain active and your creative juices flowing. Whenever you get caught, just scream a few obscenities, bark “TOURRETTE’S!!!!!!!” in your audience’s face, and move it on down to the next watering hole.

Don’t Ever Be Afraid to Dance Like a Moron

Oh. Is that just me who does that?

Well, CRAP.

Follow these easy-peasy steps and you’re guaranteed the ride of a lifetime. Or chlamydia. Or BOTH! You can have it all!

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  1. Jill

    Ha… getting a little giggle over here this morning! Love it! Have a great Thanksgiving celebration!

  2. Laura

    Lilu sounds like many of my friends. I agree with getting your game on early and creating stories for strangers.

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