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Jen here, with another Design Your Life feature. Today, I’m excited to introduce you to a new friend of mine, Lisa, blogger behind Elembee. Not only does Lisa have a great and very addicting blog with awesome content, but she is the talent behind my blog design.

After completing my one-on-one business workshop with Jess last year, I was ready to start the rebranding process, and Jess recommended Lisa with flying colors. Lisa, has been able to take her blog and turn it into a successful, full time business–so I thought she would be perfect for this series. Let’s take a peak at how she has designed her life with intention.



Jess always says, “Start where you are, and just keep going.” This was a huge kick in the butt for me when I knew I wasn’t where I wanted to be in life, but had no idea where I actually did want to be. So I stopped worrying about what I didn’t know, started doing what I could, and eventually figured things out along the way. Lately, I’ve been taking that advice to a more basic level and applying it to everyday tasks, thanks to something Kathleen Shannon wrote — when you want to do something, just take the first, most basic step and start. I don’t stare at my to-do list anymore — I pick a task, and open a blank document immediately. That simple act is enough to get the momentum going to work through the rest of my list.


As I mentioned, I used to be so worried about what I didn’t know that I wouldn’t try new things. It wasn’t until I started approaching everything as something I could learn from, even if it didn’t go well, that I got over my fear and just did things anyway. And that has been a huge factor in growing my business — by jumping into projects, I was able to quickly figure out what I enjoyed, what I didn’t, and how I could do things better next time. When you approach everything as an opportunity to learn, there are no mistakes, because you always get something out of the experience, even if it’s just knowing that you’ll never do it again. And knowing something from experience is a lot more powerful than knowing from what someone else has told you, because you know exactly why something does or doesn’t work for you.


Once I pick a task on my to-do list, I focus on just that. I may have 15 other things to do that day, but they are not going to get done if I spend 10 minutes worrying about how I’m going to get it all done rather than just picking something and doing it. If I’m stuck on something, I put it aside, find something else to do, and come back to it later. I try (not always successfully) to do this in my personal life as well — if it’s time to relax, I try to put all thoughts of what I need to get done aside so I can appreciate the present moment. No matter what I’m doing, I just can’t do it well and fully enjoy it if my mind is in a million other places.


This is a new one for me — I can be so hard on myself. I just completed my first year of running my business full-time, and a reader asked what I was doing to celebrate. I’m embarrassed to say that it never occurred to me to plan something! I was so focused on my to-do list that I actually almost forgot the anniversary. It made me realize that I need to stop, enjoy, and celebrate the things I do, no matter how small, before a year flies by and I don’t remember how I spent it or got to where I am. To truly appreciate where you are now, you need to stop and remember where you were along the way, and celebrate how far you have come.

A couple of years ago, I changed my eating and exercise habits to be more healthy. I slowly undid all of those habits in the past year, and I’ve been struggling with the fact that I haven’t been able to just turn them back on again at once. Then I remembered, I didn’t establish those habits all at once to begin with — I made one small change at a time. When one change became habit, I found something else to change. So lately I’ve been focusing on eating one healthy meal a day instead, which is becoming habit, and making it that much easier to make healthy choices at other times as well. And I think this works for anything you want to change or accomplish — it goes back to taking the first step, and doing one thing at a time. Find one thing you can do now, and when that becomes easy, find something else you can do next. Big things don’t happen overnight.

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  1. Love this advice! I often slip into analysis paralysis and end up anticipating all that I have to do to grow my business and forget to get to work! Been trying to remember to take baby steps and not get overwhelmed with the big picture. p.s. adding you to my blog roll!

  2. Jess Lively

    Bravo, Lisa! Thank you so much for sharing your intentions with us.

    I LOVE your idea to change one meal a day rather than everything. Brilliant!

  3. Awesome advice! One of my biggest problems is I know I’m not where I want to be in life, but I have no idea where I do want to be. I always worry that I can’t do something because I don’t have experience or know enough. I like that you just started doing what you could and figured everything out along the way. I really need to just start as well. Again, great advice!

  4. YP

    This is great advice, and echoes the wonderful story on your personal “my story” section. Hope for all of us!

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