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This week’s DESIGN YOUR LIFE interview is brought to you by Patricia of PVE Design. Throughout the years she has worked with some of the most exclusive designers you can name in New York City (Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, and Liz Claiborne) and has since taken root in Westchester and manned her small business which includes illustration, decorative, and pattern design. I adore her work and have sprinkled pieces she has created throughout the interview below. On top of all this, she also has a great daily blog,

Not only is her talent striking, but her sincere support of my ventures has been a constant source of encouragement. So I can say firsthand that her intentions outlined below are not just mere guidelines for her, but actual daily practices. One of my favorite intentions she mentions is #7, to know that passion feels like love. So true!

1. To choose wisely – Life is all about choice and the choices that we make can make or break a life. I have three children and my intent is to teach them to be independent thinkers and to know that it is their choice. I learned this from my Mom, as one of seven we learned by doing. Like a bird, we all have to fly so the sooner the better.

2. To sacrifice – Our culture today is so accustomed to “immediate” needs being met that very little sacrifice is being made. I do not really like the word goals, it sounds so “big” and I prefer to set small steps by building upon desires. One has to look ahead, and plan. I prefer to “plan” – lists and a book journaling my steps, my desires and trying to accomplish them. Some require help, like taking a class to learn to work towards desires. Others just simply need action.

3. To be at peace – Peace is more than just making your surroundings an oasis. Developing and understanding peace requires hearing, listening and being open to be still. In a hectic and fast paced world, peace needs to be put first. It is in finding joy in small things, first by waking up earlier, by giving yourself time to think, time to create, time to get out for a walk and be aware of each day. I made a cake for a friend, for her birthday. My friend, who I made the cake for told me about “zen habits” site and I love it, I gave her the book, “The Power of Less” – we all need to simplify, do less and live more peacefully. Honoring yourself and the one’s who bring you peace. S l o w i n g down. Visit a cemetery and feel the rest. Feel joyful for each day.

4. To smile – Each day, to smile at those you love and then that one person that you know will benefit from a free smile. I always try to smile at those I meet and hope to make their day a bit brighter, cheerier.

5. To risk – To realize that the greater the risk, the greater the reward. Anyone who has risked has gained. Risks can often involve danger or fear, but it is often fear that drives us. I moved to New York City after college and I think my parents were more afraid than I was. It can be a “risky” city, lots of opportunity, good and bad and I think I chose wisely, gaining invaluable experiences having worked for top fashion designers. We moved to the suburbs north of the city when our twins were little – for a house, green grass, fresh air and good schools. In 2 short years, our sons will graduate from high school and our daughter is 4th grade. We gained a nice community, a small village, but close to the big city. We have the best of both worlds.

6. To express emotions – For me, this would be to express emotions not only in my artwork, but also in my daily life. To speak freely, laugh openly, show tears and to know that it is all good to share and to express. I love the fact that I have always drawn, always loved to from the time I was little and to me, the one emotion is “energy” – “vitality” – “alive” – I get excited, my heart beats a bit faster – I feel like a kid with a brand new box of crayolas! I get so excited.

Patricia’s designs can be seen here

7. To work with passion – I am fortunate that I get to do what I love every day. I feel so many people either hate what they do, or were never supported to follow their passion which then can show up in anger, resentment and unhappiness. Working with passion feels like love. You live for it.

8. To radiate light – One must think of themselves like a bright light – full of warmth.
Like ET, he had a special light that he could not hide. There will be brighter days than others, but when you are in the habit of radiating a positive light, it becomes easier to shine. “Light today for tomorrow” – quote from Elizabeth Browning. Again, radiating light is shining, not hiding. It is a personal choice to be the brightest, be the best, and often that is through reflecting and working within. Think of Mother Theresa or Princess Diana. They did not hide, they lit the world.

A gorgeous image Patricia at work

9. To sense – Seeing, touching, hearing, tasting, smelling are all part of getting in touch with your senses. Just think as you go through your day how much you actually sense. Keep a card and write a note of all the things you sense. You will be amazed how we take this for granted. I use a simple card to jot down notes – this really helps me to be aware, to not forget.

10. To realize a purpose – Living with a purpose, gives one direction to wake up, to toil, to love, to care, and to enjoy a life full of intention. No matter what we endure, hardships, hatred, or loss, to know that each of us are here to live a purpose driven life is how we rise to realize our own unique purpose. My purpose is to share my art, to inspire others that want to find passion and love in their work. I think on a bigger scale, I hope to be part of an organization to help others, perhaps children or newly married couples. Love is truly all a part of it, my parents have been married 60 years and they always tell me, it is the little things that add up to something big. I see them as being kind, strong, resilient and loving. My father built a business -“Paul’s” Fruit markets in Louisville, KY and it is still going strong. He certainly inspired me to do what I love and of course my Mom gave us many wonderful opportunities to be “open.” Open to the best you can be.

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