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Good morning! As you read this I am busy getting ready for another Macy’s Chicago Desginer Trunk show from 11-5 today and tomorrow. If you are around State St. this afternoon and want to say hi- please do!

Today’s DESIGN YOUR LIFE is brought to you by our newest MakeunderMyLife sponsor, Rebecca of The Pink Orange. If you haven’t seen her invitations and stationary, I highly recommend checking out her adorable brand spanking new website and Pink Orange blog! I’ll be talking more about that next week. She also has a more personal blog here, Ella Minnow Pea.

I loved reading Rebecca’s intentions. It was great to find out what started The Pink Orange and what lies on her horizon: motherhood. Plus, I now have another friend who enjoys cheese as much as I do.

Enjoy her intentions, I have a feeling they are going to strike home with a lot of people.

DESIGN YOUR LIFE: Rebecca of The Pink Orange

What an honor to have Jess ask me to write for her weekly Design Your Life series. I am so grateful for all the support I have gotten both from online friends and “real life” friends as I have aggressively pursued my dreams- dreams that include both personal and professional pursuits. For me, they really do go hand in hand, and I think you will understand why as you read.

I remember when my husband and I first starting dating, we went to a local amusement park. We both love roller coasters so much and were lucky that it was so early in the season this particular night. I think we rode the roller coaster for an hour straight, because each time the ride came to an end, we were allowed to stay in our seats because no one else was waiting in line. I have always related life to a roller coaster. It has it’s ups and downs, but without them what kind of ride would it be?


I remember working one of my first jobs out of design school and I was absolutely miserable. I made a decent salary, but I would inevitably wake up stressed and tense before I even arrived at work. I really thought long and hard and realized that I work about 75% of my day. Why should I be miserable? At the time, I had already started my business as a part time endeavour. I realized that life and work isn’t about the amount of a paycheck, it is about self-worth, pride in my accomplishments and loving what I do on a daily basis. My husband and I were just shy of 3 months from our wedding and I left my full time job to start my business. It has been 3.5 years and I haven’t looked back.


I love myself and I love my life. I say those words every morning. Don’t laugh, I really do.

Growing up, I had terrible self-confidence issues. I was constantly comparing myself to my friends – and I had wonderful friends! Whether they had material things that I didn’t, a better car, or prettier, I never really felt good enough. Friends that loved me for who I was and now friends that love me for who I am. I finally realized though, all along that I had that self-confidence, I just needed to uncover it. I also realized that loving myself and my life wasn’t about what I had in my life, it is who is in my life and what I achieve in life. My parents taught me so well that self-respect and confidence will get you anywhere you want to go. It really is true. I have gained the self-confidence to step outside of my normal comfort zone and take risks. Risks that have allowed me to be successful and proud of what I do!



This is HUGE for me! The comments on my blog, a quick happy email, a blink from my husband, catching a wave at the beach, the cheese sandwich at lunch (which I love by the way), a fire in our fireplace while I snuggle with my husband under a blanket are the best things that money can’t buy and give me the most happiness.

Which brings me to my next intention.



Don’t take anything for granted. I kiss my husband and tell him I love him each and every morning. I give myself a morning pep talk and tell myself…”you can do this” even when things seem otherwise.

I never thought I took things for granted until I was faced with infertility. I realized that in the past I had indeed assumed things in life. I never thought it would happen to me. I assumed I would become a mom on my time and my terms. I realized that life doesn’t work like that. I realized that my plan isn’t always God’s plan for me. I took a step (or 2) back and realized I just needed to live life and let good things come my way. I just needed to keep my eye on the prize and let life take its course. Following life like this has been one of the healthiest rides for me. I take each day one day at a time and life it to its fullest. This intention has also helped me get through our fertility procedures and now while we wait to be matched with a mom for our adoption. It makes each day very exciting and rewarding. One of my favorite quotes by Ralph Marston is “start each day the way you wish to live it.” I have it taped to my computer monitor.


This is an intention that holds true in both my personal and professional life. I found that a handful of wonderful supportive friends who I can talk to, cry to and vent to, is more important that having too many friends that I can’t keep up with. I have also found that in my professional career, it is OK to say no and ask for what you want. Quality professional relationships are ones that I treasure and cherish and will forever be grateful for.



…you aren’t old until you feel old. This is probably one of my favorite intentions. There are days when I actually forget my age because I feel that at any age, you can accomplishment anything you put your mind too. I do not take no for an answer.

With this intention, I also feel like you aren’t too old for anything. My husband and I have so much fun in life together! He is my biggest fan both personally and professionally and I’m so grateful and really quite lucky! I am also one lucky lady to be able to take this ride with him, because it is a ride that I don’t plan on getting off anytime soon.

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  1. lea ann

    Hi! I am new-new-new to your blog but I love this “design your life” idea! Rebecca’s website caught my eye because I have a second blog that’s more personal than my main one – and it’s called

    I love all that Rebecca talked about and especially the fact that my plan may not be God’s plan for me. That’s something I struggle with weekly… maybe daily?!

    I look forward to the next “Design Your Life” guest ūüôā

  2. Jess

    @ Lea Ann: I am glad you love Rebecca’s DYL! I hear you about the wish to sometimes change God’s plan.

    @ Rebecca: Thank you so much for participating! I personally really appreciate your openness about the struggles to have kids.

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