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Shelbie and I met during our freshman year of college in the Development office at the design school of University of Cincinnati. We were starting our first day of work in the Development Office, and became fast friends. Shelbie is one of the hardest working people I know. She’s graduating from college early (debt free) and recently made the brave decision not to follow her predicted path of going off to grad school to become a counselor. Instead, she is taking time to discover her true purpose. When I spoke with her about this last week, I was taken back to where I was just about this time last year, when I had high hopes but little direction with where I wanted to go with my life. After our conversation, I knew she would be a perfect candidate for a design your life interview. Thanks for sharing Shelbie! –Caitlin

This is my number one intention. I feel like there are so many pressures placed on an individual these days that it’s nearly impossible not to start picking yourself apart. It’s so easy to fall into all of the things you’re “not” instead of celebrating the things that you “are”.  So I think that learning to love yourself is the most important thing you can do. It is definitely an ongoing process (and not always an easy one) but in my opinion, worth it. Who else knows just how wonderful you truly are besides you? Be your own number one fan! It’s so important to love who you are inside and out because everyone is special, beautiful, and important.

This is probably my second most driving intention. I’m the kind of person who puts 110% into just about anything (sans cleaning my apartment). If I’m not invested in something, I feel like I don’t have a purpose. When I am truly invested in something, I can really accomplish incredible things. That’s the only explanation I have for holding 2 – 3 jobs, a full course load, and graduating early and debt free from college. If I didn’t bust my booty every day, I’d never know the value in my accomplishments. Hard work builds character, the key is to not over extend or commit oneself!


I absolutely have to have a balance between work and pleasure. I can really get caught up in the jumble of 12 hour work/class days but you’ve got to have a release. Having fun and enjoying the life you’re living is important too. That’s why I started my blog. There is more to life than work and school, and those little things that make life so enjoyable are the things you’ll remember when you’re older. So I love to explore, try new things, and live every minute of my good life!  My number one way to unwind and let loose: football and basketball games – the atmosphere is electric. Go Bearcats!

This is an unspoken and innate intention of mine. I am always (whether I realize it or not) helping or trying to help other people. I love to help my friends with little conflicts in their lives. I love to help people find their purpose. I love to help teach kids to tie their shoes. I love to help my co-workers finish a project.  I will help anyone who asks, and even those who don’t. I get a lot of fulfillment knowing I’ve made a difference or brightened a day by lightening someone’s load.

This is something that I have learned over my college experience. I tend to hold onto everything. Old fights mean things people have done, and especially mistakes I’ve made. If I’d let them, my mistakes would haunt my every waking moment (even if all I did was forget to call my Mom). I’ve learned that for my own sanity I have to consciously make myself let go of the past and things I can’t control. Life is so much more enjoyable when you aren’t holding yourself back or beating yourself up. Once my friends and I wrote on lanterns and let them fly away. Talk about freeing.

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  1. rita

    love this series! shelbie, congratulations on graduating and enjoy your year of discovery!

  2. I love your intentions! I especially can relate to Work Hard and Let Go. It’s so important to put 110% into your passions and commitments. And it’s equally important to dismiss things that aren’t helping you succeed and that are just holding you back. I wish you all the best in the future!

  3. I think your intentions are great! They’re awesome life principles to live by.

  4. Thanks everyone! Especially a big thank you to Caitlin and Jess! So happy I could be a part of the series!

  5. grama w

    I can hardly believe that these wise words, insights and accomplishments are coming from that tiny little 5 lb.2oz. baby girl who came into our lives only yesterday ago. i’m so proud of you.

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