DESIGN YOUR LIFE: stefanie of brooklyn limestone


Oh how small the Internet really is. Kind of like Chicago, it’s a big city with a lot of tiny neighborhoods. Recently I ‘bumped’ into an old Internet friend who long, long ago designed the logo for Jess LC. She is none other than Stefanie of the blog, Brooklyn Limestone, and design company, Sonic Stef Designs. It turns out that she has a gorgeous home which she has renovated from scratch and blogged about throughout the process. Like her design work, her taste in home decor is flawless. If you haven’t seen her work, it’s definitely worth checking out and adding to your Reader.

In reconnecting with her, I asked her to contribute to the DYL series. She obliged, and below are her intentions. I love the last one, so true yet hard to remember at times. Thanks, Stef!

DESIGN YOUR LIFE: Stefanie of Brooklyn Limestone and Sonic Stef

Get Tivo

Were you expecting some sort of deep platitude here?  Forget it.  Tivo will literally give me time for other things without sacrificing trash television.  Its the gift that keeps on giving!

Get in front of the camera


I struggle with this one.  Who doesn’t hate to see a terrible photo of themselves?  I rarely take a photo that doesn’t make me consider wearing a bag over my head from that moment on. I try to remember that when I’m old and rickety, I will look back on those photos and marvel at how young and beautiful I was back then.  Might as well have a few more to look back on.

Get Happy on your Birthday


My birthday is a sacred holiday in my house.  Sure, it’s a bit selfish to expect my friends and family to go out of their way but guess what? Too bad for them, it’s my birthday!!! I do something special on this day every single year and encourage you to do the same.  If it’s the number that is bothering you – just remember: you will be just as old the day after your birthday! Enjoy it.

Get a cat


I often think to myself ‘there is a wild beast in my house!’. Hours of entertainment, people.

Get Real

There is a lot of pressure to be living the perfect life – the fulfilling job, the stylish wardrobe, the ideal family, the perfect home, the plush bank account, etc.  Being happy doesn’t mean having everything I ever dreamed.  Honestly, I don’t think it’s even possible.  If I can get a couple of those things, I think I’ve done pretty well and I won’t worry about the rest. I tend to think life has a way of working out okay even if  I didn’t imagine it quite the way it happens.

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  1. Juliet

    Stefanie, you rock! I love your spirit and your humor.

    Jess, so glad to learn about your blog and your business. I can’t wait to poke around and see what I’ve been missing!


  2. I love Stefanie and Brooklyn Limestone. Re: “Get a Cat” — getting our Kitten in April was the best thing I did in 2009. He is hilarious and such a pal. And my husband actaully calls him “beast” all the time, because he is a wild beast.

  3. Jill

    I love these ideas! Taking pictures (or having someone else do it) is so hard… but she is right, one day we will want to remember what we looked like or hopefully our ancestors will at least be curious. I love the last one too. Especially in “blog-world” it is easy to see that everyone is putting their best foot forward… but we are all still imperfect in our own ways. No need to constantly be comparing!

  4. Jess

    @ Juliet: Thank you so much for the kind words, I’m glad you like Makeunder.

    @ Newlywed: So nice to have a pet! I can’t wait to get a dog sometime in the (near?) future.

    @ Jill: Agree totally on the ‘blog world’ best foot forward. When you read a ton of different blogs where each person is good at a different thing, it makes me sometimes feel like everyone is great at everything. But that’s totally not the case.

  5. blair

    Oh she is so cute! Love the last one too and yes, definitley hard to always remember.

  6. yansy

    I love Stefanie and her outlook in life! Stefanie, you’re fabulous!

  7. CB

    Get a cat! I love it, it’s so true. These wild beasts help me realize I am already living the purr-fect life! (Sorry, I know it’s an overused pun, but I still like it).

  8. Rachel

    I love this one! Brooklyn Limestone is a favorite of mine and now so is the woman behind itt. I mean, anyone who commands people to get a cat…that’s bff material.

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