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I met Mary over the summer when we were both doing some work for The Everygirl, and she was one of those people I instantly felt like I had known my whole life. She’s witty, generous, and absolutely hilarious. Mary recently made the leap of faith to stay in Chicago following her internship with The Everygirl (she’s originally from Florida). I knew she would have some inspiring intentions to share, and she did not disappoint. What I love most is how specific she was about her intentions. Instead of just  intending to “have fun” she intends to “karaoke.” Awesome, right? Read on for more, and I’ll see you guys next week. -Caitlin

Rain is one of my favorite sights and sounds. There is something so beautiful and cozy about a good storm, and I hope to never loose that appreciation for it. I intend to enjoy a thunderstorm curled up with a good book and hot tea for the rest of my life. I hope to never get too annoyed when rain changes my plans or makes my hair look like a wet dog, instead I hope to dance and play and kiss in the rain. Even on my wedding day.

I need to really work on letting things go. Negative people, not getting the job, past relationships to name a few. I have a tendency to hold onto and dwell on things that I have no control over. When giving advice I always say “ya gotta let it go”, but I can’t even take my own advice! That is one thing easier said than done. In the coming weeks and months I am going to make a concerted effort to let go of things in my past. Even if I have to write it all down and then rip it up and throw it away, I will do my best to move on and let go.

Yes, you read that right! Karaoke. It really is a favorite past-time of mine and I’ll tell you why. I have always dreamt (just like every other girl in the world) of being on stage in front of thousands of fans, belting my heart out. So, a tiny stage and fifty cheering, drunk people satisfies this dream. All eyes on me for three minutes, beer in hand, lyrics on the screen…is there anything better?! Oh yeah, making friends with the DJ so you get called up ten times per night 😉

There are so many excuses I have been given or have given myself as to why a relationship won’t work. Many times, instead of just trying it out, going on a date, or simply talking with someone who I wouldn’t deem my “type” I have written people off who could have potentially become, at the very least, a friend. Intentionally or not, I have had my heart closed to so many people and things. When it comes to boys and relationships, my head has always ruled over my heart, and honestly, I am ready for that to change. It is time I listened to that blood-pumping organ, I have a feeling it will lead me to something amazing or even lead me back to a person, place, or thing that I may have overlooked.

This one is really easy for me. Is that cheating? I have never ever had trouble with laughing. I laugh (OK maybe it’s more of a cackle) at basically anything: when someone trips, awkward silences, “that’s what she said” jokes, when I’m really excited, at myself trying to be sexy. It’s something I love about myself and hope I never loose. When I’m 50 years old and laying in bed with my husband, I hope I still get into fits of uncontrollable laughter for no reason at all. They say laughing is the best medicine and I think whoever “they” is, is right.

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  1. Kate

    Power to the loud hyena cackle laughers!! <3 One of my kindred souls right here!!

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