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designyourlifejenaThis week we have a real blog pro in our midst. Familiar with Jena’s blog, Modish or her new(er) Modish BIZtips? If not, definitely add her to your blog reader (side note: I am slowly adding blogs to my very own Google Reader – thanks everyone!). Not only has she been blogging before the dawn of internet time (April, 2006) but she has also successfully transitioned from her own jewelry business to full-time blogger and she lives in Portland.

Can she get any cooler? I would say I want to be like her, but that would go against her intention to live authentically, and I shouldn’t fall into that trap myself. Ahem.

Live Authentically

I want to be honest in everything I do, even when that means owning up to my insecurities and imperfections, of which there are many! I never want to feel like I’m pretending or wishing to be someone other than myself, because I know it’s much harder to keep up a false front or feel constantly desirous of other people than it is to just accept who you are. I spent too many years of my life wanting to be something different, to have more____, to be better at____, but I’ve come to a point, in the last few years especially, where I finally feel like I’m ok being me. It sounds cheesy, sure, but it’s true. And I’m happy to feel that way. I makes me better equipped to connect with people in a real way, to create and work always with integrity at the forefront of my mind and to feel stronger and more resilient during the times in life that get rough. There’s no one else I can ever be, so I think I owe it to myself, and to everyone I meet, to be honest about who I am, to speak from the heart, to laugh when it’s funny and cry when it hurts. To try to embrace my authenticity.

Spend a little time outside everyday

jenaoutdoorsBefore we got our beloved big-headed dog, Otis, I could sometimes go days, yes days, without stepping a foot outdoors. My job is online which means I’m glued to my computer, which happens to be a desktop, so that means I’m glued to my little chair in front of my little desk in my little office all. day. long. That becomes much too much to bear sometimes, so I made a little pact with myself to make sure I go outside, every single day, come rain (of which there is much in Portland) come shine. I go throw the ball for Otis, take pictures, work on my garden, lay in the grass and daydream for a little while every day. It reconnects me with nature and the world outside my online life, and it’s often the best part of my days.

Take care of myself

jenacareThis is one intention that I’m not doing so well at right now. I know I need to drink more water, exercise regularly, eat more balanced meals (and occasionally some that don’t start out with freezer burn), not stay up so late, etc… I get so so busy with work that it’s often all that’s on my mind and except for a little break outside during the day, I just work work work non-stop and don’t feel like I have time to eat well or take a yoga break. I need to get my schedule in order enough (aka: stay focused and stop procrastinating) that exercise, time to make actual meals and at least 7 hours sleep becomes part of my daily routine. I know I’d be happier and healthier and probably more productive if I took care of my body and mind a little better.

Spend more time with loved ones

jenatimeBecause I’m always so busy with work, hanging out with friends or even my boyfriend who lives in the same house with me, becomes difficult. I can’t turn off my work brain because there’s always something to be done, but I tend to forget how much spending time with my family and friends re-invigorates me and relaxes me. I don’t want to let my loved ones forget how much I love them, I don’t want to lose touch with the friends I cherish and I want to nourish the new friendships I’m making. I’m going to try!

Laugh everyday

It’s really easy to laugh everyday when you live in a household with two hilarious cats, a doofy dog and this guy, but I like to remember to keep things light, be positive, smile often and laugh hard.

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  1. Jill

    Awesome interview (of course!) I actually found Modish Biz Tips recently as well… small blog world, huh? Taking care of myself is something I am working on these days too… with two little ones it becomes quite the challenge, but this just reminds me how important it is!

  2. Laina

    I really liked and connected with this interview. Many of her intentions are quite simple, but yet all seem to be based around seeking and maintaing a balance which I think most of us are constantly working to find/maintain. Reading this made me happy and reminded me to keep things in check!

  3. Just today, our circle will meet, we will go out to talk about a book we just read, and to share some good nourishment. Then we will go home, back to our families and feel the love. All of these interviews always remind me how important it is to spend time taking care of not only the ones you love, but myself.

  4. modish

    Yay, thank you so much for this Jess! I appreciate it so!

    And thanks ladies for your kind comments! Laina, you’re right, it all boils down to trying to find that balance. Ahh… someday… 🙂

  5. sina

    I really enjoy reading Jena’s blog, esp Modish Biztips and its great to get to know the other side of her!
    I do think its a constant struggle when you work for yourself and you can sometimes feel you should be working that much harder and doing that many more things. Achieving balance is hardwork!

    For me, i need to remember to laugh more 🙂

  6. alex

    Yes, this was a wonderful interview. These are the same things I think many many of us are trying to keep in mind as we expand our “virtual” selves. It is wonderful to be passionate about our work, but even more important to remind ourselves that it is the life “outside” these cyber walls that is real, and full of infinite meaning and connection. Take care of myself. Go outside. laugh more, sleep more, eat more, move around more. All excellent advice–thank you!!

  7. Amy

    I so enjoyed this interview. Jena’s goals are simple and straightforward; I have the same goals myself. I wish they were easier to follow through on! Best of luck achieving that balance!

  8. Jena is SO GREAT! It’s truly inspiring to read this. That woman puts soooo much goodness out there and it’s not as often that we get to focus on the wizard behind the curtain. She is a force and a genuius!! I really appreciate her focus on authenticity and integrity. It should be something we all strive for. I feel super duper lucky to live in the same town as all these wildly talented and inspiring women!

    Thanks for sharing this!!

  9. Great feature on Jena- I adore her and her new BIZtips blog (I love her Modish blog too) If you’re not subscribing, you’re missing out!

  10. Jess

    @ All: I totally agree with you ladies, she has some great intentions to get more balance in our lives. I actually thought about her intention to be outdoors more this evening while on a run and I made a conscious effort to stop a bit early and sit down in the park to reflect – I run outdoors a lot but it definitely is not the same balance-wise as when you actively rest.

  11. Wonderful interview. I think she is so smart and put together. I am always reading her biz tips. Thanks for sharing!

  12. aimee

    I can really relate to this interview and Modish is my new blog-crush (recently found the site and made it my blog of the week). I also found great resources through ModishBiz tips, and reading here about how she struggles in some of the same ways I do makes me feel not so alone! Thanks Jess! Have a great weekend!

  13. Mallory

    Thanks to Jena linking back to this post, I just discovered your fabulous blog! I love the concept — I’m trying to get better about living more deliberately. I’m good at planning things for the future, but maybe sometimes too much so… Sometimes I have to remind myself to enjoy the daily moments.

  14. renee

    I should read this interview regularly. . .it’s exactly what I try to do in my own little corner of the world. Jena’s words can serve as a great reminder to me (and plenty of others, I’m sure) of how to approach each day.

  15. Jess

    @ all: SO Glad you all love her intentions as much as I do :).

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