design your look: win $200 cash and jess lc jewelry

Ladies, this is big.

We’ve decided to launch a new challenge at Jess LC:

An outfit collage contest to win $200 and two pieces of Jess LC jewelry for the perfect spring look.

Yep. I’ve decided to launch a contest that I myself would drool over.

All the details are above and on our DesignYourLook page. But to quickly summarize: we are asking for contestants to create a collage (using Polyvore or a similar program is great) showing how they would wear two pieces of Jess LC jewelry and the spring outfit they want most this season. Once the look is created, it can either be posted on a blog or on our Facebook page and then emailed to with the subject line “Design Your Look.”

Here is an example outfit from Ashley M. (which is also our first formal submission to the contest):

Once the submissions are compiled on April 8th, we will post all of the looks here on MML on April 11th for five days of voting (so be sure to spread the word about your look!). The popular vote will determine which spring Design Your Look contestant wins the jewelry featured in their collage and $200 to put towards purchasing the clothing items in their winning look.

So please, tweet, facebook, and generally spread the word! We’d like to see a variety of looks and see how everyone plans to design their wardrobe with intention this spring!

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  1. Cathy

    How fun! I love pretend shopping, so I’m definitely going to give it a whirl 🙂

  2. Helena

    I love that purse in Ashley’s “look”! Will the submissions have links or lists so we know where items are from?

  3. Hey Jess, how many entries can I submit? I love your site, and jewelry, and will likely find it hard to commit to one moodboard 🙂 for submission.

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