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From the years that I’ve been writing here on MML, I’ve been amazed at the amount of people who want their own business as a part of their life intention. And I have been honored to be able to share what I’ve learned from Jess LC to help people via business advice posts, one-on-one consulting, and now Business in the City (which is tonight!).

I’m also happy to have a place for Midnight Hustlers (people working on their start-ups after work) to share their passions and meet one another in our Midnight Hustler Hall of Fame.

But, what I haven’t done before is talk directly to Desk Job Dreamers about their business visions.

So this November, I plan to change that. In order to help the MML readers who still have a day job and the dream to start a small business, I’m making room in my schedule this month for ten readers to talk one-on-one about their business ideas with me over the phone or on Skype at a special discounted rate from my normal consulting hourly fee.

I will field any questions, concerns, worries, fears, and hesitations that are stopping Desk Job Dreamers from taking their first steps towards their Business with Intention. It will be low key, a simple one hour conversation followed by three first steps to take.

For those interested in the special rate for a one hour call this month, please email me at jess(at) with the subject line DESK JOB DREAMER by Saturday, November 5th. As I mentioned, I’m saving room for just ten people. So it’s first come first served until Saturday, that way I can schedule the calls in the month accordingly.


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