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Everyone seems to be antsy for spring, and though the weather may still be chilly and the farmers market may still be closed, there is one favorite spring tradition that can be enjoyed right now: white wine. I discovered this Pine Ridge Chenin Blanc – Voignier at The Melting Pot. Last year Erwin uncovered a hidden secret: The Melting Pot has free wine tastings on Friday and Saturday night while you wait for a table. Let’s just say we have informally taken a free* Wine 101 semester via this secret and Miguel, the “wine man” knows us by face.

Of the dozens of wines we have tried, our favorite remains this Pine Ridge. My preference used to be Pinot Grigio, but this blend is a bit more crisp with lots more flavor. And for $10.99 at Binny’s, it’s a great bottle for the price. To see what an actual wine review click here.

So drink up. Spring will come (eventually).

* Erwin disagrees about the free part. Sure, we didn’t pay for the wine tastings, but the meals aren’t budget friendly.

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  1. Jess Constable

    @ Rachel: Definitely! And I will do the same for your wine suggestion – great minds think alike 🙂

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