DIY plant stand



While donating a batch of exfoliations from my recent Throw Out 100 Things challenge, Mr. Lively and I did a quick run through the Brown Elephant looking for a potential plant stand.

Because, as you might recall, our patio looks quite cute, except for the current plant stand situation.




Franklin has a thing for eating fauna and this pot of plants was no exception. So for several months we kept the pot perched on the patio chair. (Try saying that five times fast.)

Not the prettiest solution, but it worked.

However, luck was on our side that day at the Brown Elephant. For just $20 we came home with a little woven patio table that originally came with a glass top.




Knowing the glass top wasn’t ideal for the table’s new life as a plant stand, Mr. Lively picked up a piece of scrap plywood for free at Home Depot and borrowed Scott’s saw and drill to make a wooden top sturdy enough to support the heavy planter.

As you can see, Franklin tried to be a part of the process as much as possible.




Once the top was cut and a drainage hole was created in the center of the wood, Mr. Lively sanded, stained, and poly coated the plywood to make it look a bit more upscale.




And there you have it. A much prettier plant stand made from a $20 table base outfitted with an almost free DIY table top.

The patio is now complete.


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    1. I agree! He was good at quality control and inspection once the project was complete. And he’s always game for eating the vacuum hose when needed.

  1. Ffion

    Very nice solution. Nice to have a handy diy-man around the place. ūüôā

    1. I agree! I can tell you, that plant stand top would not have been made at all if it was left to me.

  2. Amy @ Yellow Hammer Design Sho

    Love how Franklin is watching his Dad! Great side table solution. I love finding that one thing you’ve actually been needing. Such a good feeling, especially after getting rid of so many unnecessary items. Looks great!

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