do you have questions about eating a plant-based diet?

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QuestionsAboutPlantBasedDietToday I am taping one of the very first episodes for the upcoming podcast… and I’d love your help with the interview!

I’m interviewing Jessica Murnane of One Part Plant about her personal health scare and incredible recovery, tips on eating a plant-based diet, and about the movement she’s started in luxe restaurants to provide more plant-based dishes.

If you are curious about anything regarding these topics or a plant-based lifestyle, please leave a comment. I’ll be asking a handful of reader questions in the interview – and your’s may be one of them!


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  1. Lanie

    I’m curious about getting enough protein!

    1. Thanks for your question, Lanie! The show will are in late November or early December. : )

  2. Kim Campbell

    Thank you for opening up questions. How do you eat a mostly-plant-based diet on a budget. Even farmers markets are expensive and I get stuck in a rut with produce in season. For that matter, it is a lot healthier to eat a plant-based diet but folks in the lower econcomic class can’t because processed food is cheaper – leading to obesity and health related illnesses. Thoughts?

    1. Yep! I plan to post the topics so people can ask questions ahead of time for all or most of the episodes. : )

      Thank you for your Q!

  3. Any suggestions for those of us who live in climates with cold & snowy winters where fresh produce isn’t the same? I know frozen veggies are great, but they always turn out kind of mushy and not-so appetizing.

  4. Kimberly Anne

    I’d love to hear about what kept her motivated and on track throughout her transition to a plant based diet AND how she dealt with family pressure, group gatherings, ect.

  5. Lindsay

    How do you handle eating out with a group and eating at a friends house? I don’t want to ruin the experience for others but want to stick to my plant based diet.
    Also, What are your thoughts on processed soy (soy protien/soy protien isolate)? If in small doses do you think it is ok or do you always stay away from it? Since it’s basically estrogen, I’m concerned about throwing off my hormones

  6. All of these questions were exactly what I was going to ask, especially about pressure in group settings! Cannot wait to hear the show later this year!

  7. Meagan

    This is something I’ve always been interested in! As a lover of all things dairy who is also allergic to tree nuts and soy, I wonder what suggestions she would have for making the switch to a more plant-based diet without relying on nut and soy substitutions?

  8. Sarah

    I would be interested in hearing about breakfast and lunch suggestions. For breakfast, I try to eat some fruit but always revert back to carbs like cereal to fill me up. Salads seem to be the only way to fit a good number of veggies into my day. Any other suggestions for brown bag lunches?

    1. Thanks for the question, Sarah! We actually postponed the taping for later next week, so this question is still in the running to get answered.

      In the meantime, I know that Jessica’s favorite cookbook that she’s recommended to me is Clean Food by Also, Jessica posts many great recipes on her site each week, You might find some good options there, too!

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