Dolan Geiman is kind of a big deal

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Before I moved to Chicago I worked for a few months at Heavenly Metal, in Ann Arbor Michigan. I have mentioned the owner, Vicki, quite a bit so far this month. I think that is because she
a) is a great friend who has taught me a lot about what is really important, and how to live a high quality life without lots of money
and b) knows all sorts of cool, interesting artists.Anyways, as I was saying, before I moved to Illinois, Vicki pressed this picture into my hands and said “You have to have this.” When she realized I did not recognize the artist, Dolan Geiman, she was incredulous. “Everyone knows who Dolan Gieman is,” she said.

So in case anyone else doesn’t know who Dolan Gieman is, now you do too.

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  1. Anonymous

    I didn't know until now, but thank you for informing me! Now I know who made the adorable picture in our studio <3

  2. Dolan Geiman

    Hi Jess!

    Gee, thank you for the kind words and we too adore Vicki over at Heavenly Metal. While we aren't sure Dolan is a big deal, he does eat big meals and so I guess that counts, right?

    Thanks for the support and we hope you're enjoying Chicago!

    All best,
    Dolan Geiman & Ali Walsh

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