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Attention: This week’s Dressing Charlotte actually breaks my own accessory rule. Previously, I have advised women to avoid wearing necklaces with turtlenecks entirely. But if you have seen me around much this winter, you know I have been breaking this rule about four times a month.


Here is the revised rule for 2009: Don’t wear short necklaces (or pendant necklaces in general) with turtlenecks or strapless tops. When I look at Charlotte (above), her short necklace reminds me of a second grade Halloween story about a woman who wore a ribbon around her neck everyday, so that her head did not fall off (somehow didn’t seem scary at the time). Visually, the short necklace cuts off the neck at an awkward spot and looks generally claustrophobic.

A better choice is to ditch the necklace entirely and stick to stud earrings with hair pulled back for a sleek look. Or go for a softer feel with hair down and loose with larger earrings or hoops. These are two fail-safe ways to look polished without trying.


However, for those that want to bend the rules without looking like a scary story character, try long necklaces sans pendants. The three layering necklaces above (I am still wearing them almost everyday as a trio) visually open up the neck and chest providing balance for the narrow neck.


Another option is two longer graduated necklaces (or one long necklace looped twice) like this vintage necklace from our brand new Etsy Studio 1423 Collection (more details coming soon!).

So grab those turtlenecks and get some great new looks while the cold weather lasts.

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  1. Rachel

    You are so smart (and right!). I can’t wear turtle necks because they make me look awful, but I’m envious of Charlotte and her long layered elegance. And that vintage necklace is seriously trying to tempt me away from my shopping freeze. I can’t wait to hear more about your new collection.

  2. The Management

    I didn’t know anyone else remembered that story!

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