dressing charlotte

My button down shirt, neglected in recent months.

The theme for this week’s Dressing Charlotte is about reworking the button down, a closet staple, into something fresh for spring. I realized on Sunday that button downs haven’t gotten much trend love in the past few seasons, and therefore my lonely button down has been stranded on a hanger for far too long.

And with the warmer temperatures coming soon (they are going to come, right?) a button down can be a perfect lightweight, long sleeve option. Below are three easy ways I will be sporting my oxford this season.

The V-neck of this sweater is great for the button down and I love the tone-on-tone combo.

The neck of this raspberry short sleeve sweater is just a smidge too big to
wear alone, but it pairs beautifully with the shirt underneath.

The small ruffle on the oxford collar is adorable paired
with the inset detail on this gray cardigan.

As for accessories with a button down? Stick to earrings, and let the scale match the collar of the shirt.

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  1. ms. less is always more

    I just love the short sleeve magenta top over the oxford! Fun and fresh! Have a great day!

  2. Blair

    Oh, I love it with the ruffled cardigan! I wish I had a mannequin to play dress-up with!:)

  3. Jess Constable

    @ Miss Less: I love the pink shirt combo, it’s actually the only way I wear that shirt now.

    @ Blair: Charlotte is definitely a cool addition to the studio. She is pretty deceptive though, she has a slight hunchback, but you can never tell.

  4. pve design

    ditto for short over long. I like you for thinking ahead…

  5. Kaitlyn

    I love these creative combinations! Where is that button-up from? I really like the collar.

  6. pve design

    …just wondering if you plan to accessorize with any of your designs?

  7. Jess Constable

    @ PVE: Yep, we must think ahead to nicer, warmer days. As for accessorizing with my designs, I think any of the medium scale earrings would be a great choice. I generally gravitate to these in my closet frequently: http://jesslc.com/CH91.htm.

    @ Kaitlyn: The button up is from J.Crew actually. I got it on sale a year or so ago for $14.99! It was a great buy.

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