dressing charlotte: bold prints


This week’s Dressing Charlotte is about pairing the right accessories with an all-over, bold pattern or print. When I wear any one of these three items, I let the print do the talking and wear one of two basic pairs of earrings: state st. large circles, or state st. large eyes. Their large size compliments the scale of the prints, and they have no extra details to compete with the prints. I also think large hoops or other simple, clean earrings over 1″ would look great with these looks.

Scroll down to see the other outfits and earrings. (Charlotte’s only flaw is that she has no ears to model earrings.)



State St. Large Circle Earrings



State St. Large Eye Earrings

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  1. Kate

    Love the jewelry (as always) but also the dresses! You have such great taste and style!

  2. Jess

    @ Kate: Glad to know you like the outfits! They are pretty simple to replicate in your own closet as well. Pairing large scale prints with simple jewelry is a easy way to look chic without trying too hard.

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