dressing charlotte in AAliciaAccessories


Yesterday I debuted Anna Alicia’s felt corsage brooches and announced that this June’s lucky Giveaway Giveaway winner would win one of their very own.

Today I’m showing my very own AAlicia flower pins in use. In the top photo Charlotte is modeling my old craft project gone very, very wrong. I decided to abandon the whole button embellishment thing and go in a new direction. I took all the buttons off, cut off the neckline (there were pen marks from my first project), and added the pin. Voila! A “custom” shirt.


And just adding the floral embellishment to this shirt makes it look super expensive and “Antropologie-esque” while still being a Forever 21 sweater.

Thank goodness for Anna’s creativity.

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  1. Jess

    @ Kaitlyn: I’m glad you like it!! I am now obsessed and I’ve also worn the pink pin with a black v-neck sweater yesterday and today I’m wearing it with a navy cardigan. It makes these basics so much cuter (and more expensive looking!).

  2. blair

    Jess!! These are AMAZING. You are so right about them adding a much more expensive looking look.

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