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charlottedaydressThis Wednesday Charlotte felt like wearing a dress to celebrate the warmer (or at least sunnier) weather in Chicago. And since she doesn’t have to fight the windchill outside, I won’t argue with her. While she is wearing in my frocks, I can take this time to talk about something near and dear to my heart: necklines and necklaces. The two dresses pictured in this post both have unusual necklines. The denim dress has a square line and the black has a deep-V. Both of these dresses could easily be paired with standout earrings and a cuff to be complete. But the trickier part is matching necklaces to these silhouettes.

So let’s try it.


This necklace, though adorable is only 16″ long. Paired with the lower neckline of this dress, it is clear that there is too much empty space between the necklace and neckline. Many necklaces are 16″ like my State St. Everyday Oval necklace (not available online), but this standard length is not proportional to the ‘canvas’ of skin this neckline creates. A longer necklace would be more fitting.


This Southport Vine Necklace is slightly longer than the oval necklace coming in at 18″. As you can see, the gems hit at a lower point and follow the line of the dress better. Muy bonita!charlotteblackknitdressPardon the extremely overexposed full length photo and check out the overall line of this dress. Since the dress is simple and is made of a casual knit, I chose a necklace that had a natural look with a medium-to-long length.  charlotteproportionalneckleaceThis Elm St. Double Leaf necklace is a great partner for this dress. I chose this piece because 1: it is 18″ long, so it still sits on skin without overlapping the dress, and 2: the leaves also slightly mirror the V shape of the neckline.

So the next time you put on a top with a tricky neckline like these, think of the exposed neck as a canvas and fill in the space with a proportional focal point.

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