What is Eat with Ease?

Eat with Ease is a mindful & intuitive eating course that emphasizes the pleasures of eating and the ease of cooking to nurture our relationship with food and ourselves, while achieving authentic health.

Tuning into our inner guidance helps us know what flavors, textures and nutrients our mind & body are needing and desiring. Making food for ourselves using information from our internal wisdom is the ultimate form of self care!

Each week you’ll get a mindful and intuitive eating lesson with a guided inner voice session, hypnosis tools, plus easy recipes of the week so you can practice connecting and playing with your inner chef. 

Kit sprinkles traditional Chinese medicine nuggets throughout the course, adding ancient healing wisdom that optimizes our modern day living. 

Course Overview

Over four weeks, we will:  

Give ourselves permission to eat 

  • Explore the reasons and limitations around why we are not eating with ease – yet –  including diet culture, physical and mental stress. 

Rediscover the pleasures of food and your inner chef

  • Connect with our inner voice to receive messages for what each of our bodies needs for true pleasure and satisfaction. 
  • Wake up our taste buds to rediscover what we may have been disallowing ourselves to enjoy. 
  • Unleash the inner chef and discover the joy and ease of cooking. 

Reconnect with our body 

  • Practice tuning into the body’s signals of hunger and fullness.
  • (Re)install our natural hunger scale into our subconscious.
  • Experience our internal energy, and how to release what is not necessary, and cultivate more of what you need.

Nourish for authentic health in and out of the kitchen 

  • Answer questions like: What is authentic health to you? Are you healthy now? What do you need to get to where you want to be? What can you cook and eat that will help you feel authentically healthy? 

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Meet Kit Yoon

Kit Yoon is an inner voice facilitator, Chinese medicine practitioner, certified life, health, and intuitive eating coach.

Kit integrates ancient wisdom of Chinese Medicine with mind-body-intuition coaching tools to help her patients and clients live the healthiest life they actually enjoy.