Welcome to Elevate With Intention


Elevate With Intention (EWI) is an eight-week online course 

designed to elevate your way of living and manifesting in a naturally aligned way

Years ago, I taught 1,000+ amazing students over several rounds of Flow With Intention Online and Magic, Not Manual. These courses focus on processes and practices to manifest effectively using the Law of Attraction, and to also release the “emotional bean bags” (aka: mental and emotional resistance) that often arise when the mind has blocks on topics like abundance, career, relationships, health, and body image.

In Elevate With Intention, I am circling back to the core principles of these two courses…

with a new, updated approach that reflects the expanded consciousness we now have. 

This course will be a wonderfully aligning experience for longtime Lively Community members to reconnect with one another, coach with me again, and to learn the updated approach I currently use daily after going through a massive personal transformation. 

And this is also a fantastic class for brand new Lively Community students to dive into straight away! 

Elevate With Intention will provide a group of kind, worldwide friends via the Lively Community, and connect members to the most up-to-date principles I have to share to help them elevate their lives, as well.

So whether you are a longtime Lively Community member, or you are new to our work… 

if your intuition feels that Elevate With Intention is a fit, I am excited to work with you! 


Upcoming Live Coaching Call Dates + Times

Call 5: Wednesday, July 6 at 12pm EDT (5-8pm Lisbon time)
Call 6:  Wednesday, July 13 at
12pm EDT (5-8pm Lisbon time)
Call 7: Wednesday, July 20 at 5pm EDT (
10pm-1am Lisbon time – North America night)
Call 8: Wednesday, July 27 at 12pm EDT (5-8pm Lisbon time)
Convert the call times to your local time zone here.

"I loved how Jess allowed the information that the group was summoning to be the subject of the class. It was as if all of our inner beings were working together to create the content and Jess was the vessel to bring it all together."

~ Laura, Magic, Not Manual

What's Included?

1. Four pre-recorded modules + four more LIVE calls. Plus, you will automatically receive access to the replays of the coaching calls from the last four weeks — so that’s more than 12 hours (4 of teaching, 8 of coaching) of content for you to dive into! – sessions will be recorded for those who cannot make it live, and members can submit questions for class ahead of time if they are unable to be on the call.

2. Private Class Community Chat – members will have access to a private Elevate With Intention group chat on the free Lively Community app to connect with other members and share experiences

3. Presentation slides – digital slides will be provided for class note taking.



What will the course be like?

Elevate with Intention consists of live coaching calls taught over an 8-week time frame. The modules are straightforward and simple: the teachings are introduced in depth each week in the teachings and call recordings. After each session, you will begin implementing the concepts and rituals into your life. This is an integrative course – which means that the majority of time and focus will be spent shifting your day-to-day habits through live exercises rather than standard class homework.

Do I have to take FWIO and Magic, Not Manual in order to take Elevate With Intention?

It is not required to have taken either of the previous courses.

Are Flow With Intention or Magic, Not Manual included in Elevate With Intention?

This course is a new course and does not include class recordings of the previous Flow With Intention Online or Magic, Not Manual.

Can I get a refund?

Refunds will be issued if requested within 14 days of your purchase of the course.

Have a question?

Reach out to Team Lively at hello@jesslively.com and we’re happy to help.