email is not instant messaging

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Be responsible, be courteous, respond thoughtfully. But don’t assume that you have to look at every email you receive the second it hits your inbox.

The present moment brings peace and joy. A screen does not.

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  1. maria

    any advice on how to explain to friends and family that an immediate response shouldn’t be expected via text message? text messaging has been around for quite some time, but I am feeling extremely pressured to respond to every text I get around the clock. I think that people assume that we as a society have our phones connected to us at all times. while that is most likely true, I think we owe it to ourselves to respond to urgent texts immediately and others maybe at a later hour or day when we have the time. does anyone else feel the same way or have an suggestions on how to manage the overwhelming expectation when it comes to answering text messages?

  2. Jenn

    Such a good reminder. I often find myself scrolling to the top of my inbox to see what’s come in, almost deliberately looking for distractions from what I’m currently doing. I took a “Take Back Your Life” seminar a year ago and they suggested blocking specific times of your day for email and only checking it during those times which I found helpful (though eventually went back to my old ways).

  3. Jess

    Maria, I unfortunately don’t have a suggestion for text messages other than politely telling the people who expect the most immediate texts that it is not possible. To be honest, I personally can take a while (too long?) to answer text messages, I always have. But over time, my friends and family have known this about me.

    Jenn, I totally agree! I’m now great at not doing email on nights/weekends, but even the weekdays I’m now working at controlling my attention. I can find my eyes wandering to my inbox as I pack orders which is just delaying the process!

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