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Good morning! Below are several awesome exfoliations.  I can imagine that many people will be raiding their computer files and tossing out old images like Karen A.

Got some stuff that needs to be passed on or tossed out? Email me your photos and descriptions and enter to win the organiK Revolution wrap.


“Today I am exfoliating a pair of gold shoes I purchased two weeks ago.  I’m typically not a gold-shoe-type-of-girl…. however, I had special event to attend and needed the shoes to accent my dress.  Not to mention I found this pair for $4!  and I couldn’t resist buying them.  However, as soon as the party was over the shoes fell apart, leaving me to walk barefoot…  I guess this is what one should expect when paying four bucks for shoes…”



“My exfoliation this week was all about my computer.  I have a gazillion (ok maybe that’s an overstatement) personal photos, word files, and fun things downloaded from the web scattered all over my computer.  So today I took action and deleted things that I either haven’t looked at in months, couldn’t imagine a use for, didn’t make me totally happy, or I had 3 similar versions of it(the last one mainly applied to photos of random inanimate objects).  It feels really good to know where to look for the stuff I kept and to start fresh after my recent graduation from Grad School.”

Karen A.


“My first sewing box, and it fit the bill. Now I have an entire room devoted to my office, bookmaking, printmaking and sewing. No longer need it, but I hope someone else enjoys it!”



“As a parent to two toddlers, toys are becoming the bane of my existence. They are coming out of our ears it seems. Here is a whole slew of “outside” toys that I rounded up in the garage that are either broken, worthless or missing pieces. Goodbye toys… You won’t be missed!”



After having an impromptu shopping session in my summer wardrobe, I got the chance to find out what pieces are gonna stick around for Summer 2009 and which ones are going to take a hike. These Gap khakis are great- flat front, wide leg, great color. The only problem lies in the fit. They are too overwhelming for my short legs. Anyone a size 6 and want the slacks? Let me know! First comment, first served.

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  1. Jill

    Wow, I just love Suzanne’s illustration… so cool! And I hear you on the pictures and computer junk… I am always battling that one too!

    Happy Weekend everyone!

  2. Wonderful array of items –
    Love Suzanne’s illustration.
    Inspiring all the way around.

  3. Jess

    @ Jill: Her drawing is sweet! I totally agree. I hope you had a good weekend.

    @ PVE: Glad you are staying inspired (PS- I think you inspire me even more!)

    @ Suzanne: Great! Send me a photo and it can count for next week’s exfoliation entry 🙂

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