end of the week exfoliation

Ah. The end of a very eventful week (I’ll have more to say on Tuesday). I am excited for this weekend to begin because once my long run is over this afternoon, I am meeting up with Patricia of PVE Designs. Other than that, there is a rooftop party and plenty of relaxation on my calender.

I also want to share something my friend and makeunder fan, Laina, shared with me this week. It’s pretty inspiring and totally exemplifies the makeunder philosophy.

“I took a huge donation to the Goodwill in my neighborhood yesterday. I had gone through my wardrobe when I moved back to Charlotte and all of the shoes, electronics, clothing etc. has all been sitting in my closet bagged up for about 6 months – I had not needed nor wanted any of the stuff (I actually forget what some of the accessories and clothing are and did not let myself look at any of it before I took it in). It feels so good to walk freely in my closet now! Also, knowing that it was going to a good cause always feels good.”

The End of the Week Exfoliation


“These are a bunch of things I cleaned out of my wallet.”



“Here are 2 some books that were just sitting on my shelf, gathering dust.  Most are textbooks from college I thought I’d use in my job, but I don’t.  Time to pass them on!”



“My second submission is a whole slew of makeup (mostly mineral) and eyeshadow samples.  I had been active in swapping them, but I’m just getting tired of them taking up space in my cabinet.”



I am exfoliating these jeans which have been worn once, and promptly placed back on a shelf for the last three months. I got them with the intention of wearing them diligently. But the reality is that skinny jeans are not quite ‘figure friendly’ for me in most circumstances, least of all in the form white stretch denim. Those gorgeous gams in the photo belong to the new owner of the bright whites, Susie (creative director of Studio 1423).

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  1. Kwana

    Enjoy the weekend. I think the jeans are cute for summer kick arounds. Sorry. I told Patricia to tell you hi but I’m saying it here too. Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. Jess

    @ Kawana: I hope you enjoy your weekend as well! And thank you for the LOST speech, I forwarded it on to Erwin, too.

  3. Aditi

    I’d love to grab the make-up samples – I’ve been meaning to figure out the kind of make-up that works on me!

  4. Jess

    @ Aditi: Sure, I will let Nicole know you would like her makeup samples and give her your email address!

  5. Jess

    @ Aditi: No problem! I’ll get to it on Monday. I hope you have a great weekend.

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