end of the week exfoliation

Ah the end of another week. It is unfathomable that we are now in the middle of July. The middle of July. It’s even hard to type. I think part of my disconnect is this wonderfully cool weather we are having in Chicago.

Much of my weekend will be filled with a special ‘project’ which I allude to in my exfoliation below. I also have a long run with Kristin (and Dave?) later today and hopefully a lot of fun and relaxing. Erwin has the day off on Monday so we may head over to Six Flags. It’s no Cedar Point (nothing can compare to CP), but it’s nearby.

Thank You + A Surprise

On a side note, thank you to everyone who has been giving me color suggestions and direction over Twitter and Facebook for the fall line. I have my choices made and I’m excited to get the styles photographed and online.

Also, stay tuned all you Astor St. fans, there is a BIG surprise next week on Jess LC. *wink wink*

End of the Week Exfoliation


“I took a huge donation to the Goodwill in my neighborhood. I had gone through my wardrobe when I moved back to Charlotte and all of the shoes, electronics, clothing etc. has all been sitting in my closet bagged up for about 6 months – I had not needed nor wanted any of the stuff (I actually forget what some of the accessories and clothing are and did not let myself look at any of it before I took it in). It feels so good to walk freely in my closet now! Also, knowing that it was going to a good cause always feels good.”



It’s a black skirt from Gap and it is a size 0. I bought it off eBay but I’m super small, so it’s actually baggy on me, but I hope someone else claims it, so it doesn’t go to waste!FREE GARAGE SALE ITEM



“Motorola Bluetooth Headset–My ears are too little to hold it on!”



This week’s exfoliation is a bit premature. Since Erwin and I are moving soon (!), I won’t need this tv which has been at the jewelry studio for the last two years. So if anyone in Chicago needs a new tv let me know [jess@jesslc.com].  (You’ll have to come pick it up and I’ll be charging some money for it.) Otherwise I’ll post it on Craig’s List in the month to come. GARAGE SALE ITEM

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  1. KathrynwithaY

    Yes! Six Flags is okay, but Cedar Point is so much fun! 🙂

  2. Nicole M.

    I haven’t been to Cedar Point in years, but it’s still definitely one of the best places to which I’ve been!

  3. Jess

    @ KatherynwithaY and Nicole M.: I know. Being from Michigan and Ohio I am incredibly spoiled and biased towards CP. My dad had me riding on coasters since the moment I hit the line on the height chart.

    Each summer during my childhood my family would boat down from Lake St. Clair to Ceadar Point and spend a few days docked there. It was so much fun as a kid. My parents had walkie talkies when we were older so we could go out on our own.

  4. Lindsey

    I love Cedar Point…I haven’t been to many other amusements parks…but I know I am amusement-park-spoiled being from Ohio!

    And I can’t wait to see/read about your surprise…Astor St. is my favorite!

  5. KathrynwithaY

    I have to say that being from Ohio makes me a wee bit biased! We used to either get a cabin or stay at the Great Bear (Wolf?) Lodge. So much to do, so much fun…its been forever since I’ve been there last.

  6. Jess

    @ Lindsey: Nice, where are you from in Ohio? I was born in Springboro and lived there until I was 7. As for Astor St., check in on Monday!

    @ KathrynwithaY: Where are you from?

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