end of the week exfoliation

The weekend! Today is full of order filling and finalizing the fall line. This weekend I’ll be at a Team In Training event talking about the Silver Lining necklace and on Saturday afternoon I’ll be signing my lease for my new apartment! I cannot wait. We move September 1st, which means I need a sublet-er (spelling?) for my studio, which has housed Jess LC for the last two years. Any takers??

End of the Week Exfoliation


“Cannon Elph LT260–The camera is amazing and has been so good to me, but I have a digital one now and don’t use the Elph anymore.”



Now before you exclaim you can see why I’m getting rid of [this vase], this was painted by my Grandma and she etched her name, Ella 1967 into the base of the vase so it has special meaning to me. It doesn’t matter that it has been stored in a cupboard for years and not on display, it still means something to me. And now, I’m starting to doubt whether I should get rid of it. However, I do have a picture and its now part of my blog for me to look back and admire and think back on my Grandma.

Although I’m not actively exfoliating weekly and blogging, I am working on exfoliating and being left with the things I love.  Here’s the link the blog about makeunder.”


This little guy is named Bobo. He was a prize at Six Flags two years ago. He’s cute, but he’s been living under my bed for the last year and a half. Time to give him a wash and find him a new, younger friend.

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  1. Rebecca

    i need to start doing this! I have oodles of envelopes and paper from old jobs that i should donate to a school or art class.

  2. CB

    YAY new apartment!! So exciting! I am so happy for you and Erwin! 🙂

  3. Jess

    @ Rebecca: Totally! Send a photo to me to enter the End of the Week Exfoliation!

    @ CB: Thanks, I can’t wait for you and Sahm to visit!

    @ ChicInfinity: Bummer! He would love a new human. Hopefully he find a good home at the Salvation Army.

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