end of the week exfoliation

Happy Friday afternoon! This Sunday is my second anniversary of living in Chicago. Pair that up with Chiblogo tomorrow night at Matilda’s and I’m in for a pretty exciting weekend. Anyone else with anniversaries or coming to Chiblogo, too?

End of the Week Exfoliation


“I bought this bag at a boutique in Silver Lake that is no longer in existence. It was called Edna Hart and it was a victim of this economy, unfortunately. I loved this bag so much when I first bought it that I bought my mom one in red for Christmas. The thing is, I don’t use it much anymore. Because I don’t love it like I used to. But, my mom still does. And she is the happy recipient of my first Friday Exfoliation. Enjoy the bag, Mom. Now you have one in red and black. (Feels good.)”



Free Garage Sale Item

This little pretty is a vintage tulle apron I bought two years ago, before I moved to Chicago. It’s faithfully hung on the jewelry studio refrigerator handle and added a nice little touch. But it doesn’t have a place in my vision for my new apartment. So it’s time to find a new home? Any takers? First to comment gets the apron ($5 domestic shipping).

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  1. Sarah

    Oooh! I love the apron! I’ll take it if no one posts ahead of me that wants it.

  2. Carol

    I would love to have the apron if it isn’t taken yet =)

  3. Kim

    The bag is so cute! And I might just have to copy that apron =)

  4. Nina

    That apron is so pretty and dainty! If I had that I’d rather keep it than get it all messed up. 😉

  5. Jess

    @ Michelle: It was a great time, you would have loved it!

    @ Alejandra: Project? Planning on making something similar? I’d love to see what you do!

    @ Sarah: Congrats! You are the winner/first person to claim the apron. I’ll be emailing you about shipping. 🙂

    @ Carol, Lauren, and Nina: Sorry that the apron has already been claimed, but come back (usually at 7am CST) on Friday’s to see the other exfoliation/Free Garage Sale items I post.

    @ Kim and Dina: The bag is cute, isn’t it?

    @ Michelle: Thank so much! I am hopping over to your site right now.

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