end of the week exfoliation

Ah. The next time I write, I will be living in a new home. Er, apartment. I was lucky enough to find someone to paint the bedrooms at the new place after all, so I will be lugging home four gallons of paint this afternoon. Erwin and I are moving my jewelry studio to the apartment on Sunday and the rest of our stuff on Monday. Tuesday is for painting and RCN. And here’s hoping that the laminate flooring gets repaired today.

End of the Week Exfoliation


“I’m getting rid of two necklace chokers bought in New Delhi, India. They are 12 inches long each, and I can probably ship them for free. ”



“Here is the picture of my major exfoliation and the link to my blog post about it.”



“I just discovered your blog and I’m inspired by your goal of getting rid of one item every week. I am sending you a photo of my weekly exfoliation: three cookbooks I have decided are not worth keeping. Two Rachel Ray cookbooks and “Forrest Gump’s Favorite Chocolate Recipes.” (They were all wedding gifts.) If you or any of your blog readers would like the books, I would be happy to ship them.”



“I’m submitting this stack of books as my exfoliation for the week. It’s time to pass some knowledge on to someone else as well as gain some more space on the bookshelf (which is actually anywhere I can stack some books in the apartment.) One of them has been sold already so yay!”



My move is really encouraging me to make some major shifts in what I own. This pile is just a tip of a large exfoliation ice burg which has grown throughout the week. Below are two items below that I think would be loved by some of you, so comment to claim them. First comment, first served.

PLEASE NOTE: Since I am moving on Sunday, I would like to have these items shipped to their new owners today. So if you comment to claim them, please pay the $5 PayPal invoice today as soon as you get the email request. Thanks!


Two standard pillow cases with crisp handmade trim. White and light pink.


Small lined notebook (I used about 8 pages of it, which have been ripped out).

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  1. Jill

    I am working on exfoliating A LOT of my closet right now… I’ll likely do a blog post (or maybe a video on it!) – I’ll keep you posted!

  2. April

    Hi…I wouldn’t mind having the necklaces from New Dehli!

  3. Hi – even though I’m getting inspired to exfoliate, I would love the pair of vintage pillowcases!

  4. pkzcass

    If it doesn’t work out with April for the vintage necklaces, please consider me. They’re gorgeous.

  5. Amanda

    I would totally love the Rachel Rae cookbooks! This is such a great idea, I think I will start “exfoliating” too!

  6. toula

    gasp..as i live and breathe…i am procrastinating against my friday night exfoliation by coveting the pillowcases as well!

  7. Dee

    Hi April,
    I’m Aditi and I’m happy to send you the necklaces! What’s your email so that we can sort the details out?
    Although, I guess if you’d prefer not to publish your email, then Jess can send us each other’s contact info privately..

  8. Jess

    @ April, Amanda, and Dee: Sorry I haven’t connected you all to your new items and exfoliations. I’m moving today and tomorrow, so I’ll get you all connected on Wednesday or Thursday.

    Thanks for understanding!

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