end of the week exfoliation

Good morning and good weekend! I am on my way to the airport for the San Francisco trip with Bernard. Our flight is not until 1:35, but we are going to try do a standby flight to snag first-class seats if we can. I’m so excited to visit California for the first time, run the marathon, and drink wine where it’s actually grown.

We have also heard good things about the Alcatraz tours, so we’re going to that tomorrow morning. Erwin will be heading to San Fran later tonight to cheer us on. And with any luck, he’ll be ringing a cow bell, too :).

End of the Week Exfoliation


“Some “out of style” clothes that I thought I would recycle…”



These boots have a wonderful vintage look to them. But I’ve fallen in love with a new pair of brown boots from Polished Sense and don’t need two pairs of brown boots in my closet. So Susie gets these little guys to wear around town.

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  1. megan

    Have fun and good luck at the race! And definitely hit up Alcatraz, totally worth it!

  2. Jessica

    Hi Jess!

    OMG, love this post! Especially the way you said it 😀 Enjoy the Scarlett Boots and have a blast in San Fran…and I agree with Megan from above to hit up Alcatraz! (Indeed worth it) Then you can grab some lunch on the Warf 😀

    Ttys and good luck with the race!


  3. Danielle

    Hello I’ve just started blogging and happened across your beautiful blog. I really love your jewellery and think your design for life is an awesome philosophy, will keep checking back!

    Hope the race went well and I am loving the boots from PS 🙂

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